Do not forget to consume these with milk as it is harmful to health

Milk is a nutritious food and is rich in protein, calcium, minerals and other nutrients, including vitamin D. Drinking milk from an early age is good, because bones are similar and important to the body. Many people do not like to drink milk empty, so they prefer some snacks with milk. At the same time, we often consume milk with such a combination, which can prove very harmful to health. Sometimes drinking milk with this combination can cause allergy and acidity problems. Let us know that combination

Many people consume meat fish with milk. Consuming these foods can adversely affect the digestive system. Eating both things in good faith often increases the problem of acidity.

Consuming citrus fruits with milk can prove harmful. These are harmful to health. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C and citric acid, which, along with milk, can prove to be harmful to health.

Health benefits of drinking hot milk

To get fat, people often recommend eating banana with milk. But banana with milk takes time to digest. This causes you to vomit and have difficulty with digestion. In such a situation, when you drink its shake, use a pinch of cinnamon or nutmeg powder for digestion.

Consuming yogurt with milk can cause gas and stomach pains. Therefore, these two should not be eaten together. Often both the farmer and the kheer are present at the feast, so eat only one.

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