Donkey filled the busy highway, watching video, people said – more than horsepower, DunkyPower

If you are asked about fast-moving animals, donkeys are rarely on your top-10 list. But on social media, such a video is going viral, you are probably included in the list of fastest donkeys. This video will make you think and believe that donkeys can run as fast as horses.

In fact, a video is going viral on social media in which the donkey is also dragging a car between several vehicles on a busy road. The car pulling ass is running so fast that at first glance you get confused and treat it like a horse.

A Facebook page shared the video, “Forget about horsepower, watch Dunky Power now!” In this video, a man is seen pulling a donkey car while two men are seen on it. One is holding the rope to control the donkey. At the same time, another man was found sleeping on an ox-like back.

The video was recorded and placed on the internet by another person walking on the same street, then this video is going viral too. It has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

As the video went viral, many wondered whether animals were given drugs to run at that speed, but some expressed doubts about the clip’s authenticity, claiming that the speed was too high. Others have commented on what happens to the men in the cart when the animal stops.

After watching this viral video, people are wondering how the ass runs so fast. At the same time, many people are also doubting the authenticity of this video. The ass about the car is running so fast that many people are told what happens to people sitting on it when it suddenly stops.