Don’t look at the moon on Vinayaka Chaturthi day ..!

Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated on the fourth day after the full moon of the month of Bhadrapad. Vinayaka Chaturthi is celebrated all over India.

The belief that Vinayaka Preethi is necessary for any possible and peaceful disposition is a common practice among Indians irrespective of caste or creed. Vighneshwar has many idols. Vinayakan is revered by many names such as Vinayakan, Ganesan, Gajananan, Mushikavahanan, Pillaiyar and Modakapriyan.

On the day of Vinayaka Chaturthi, a large idol is made and worshiped in the houses as a result of long-term efforts. Vinayaka is worshiped with all the ornaments.

The silk umbrella and sweets are offered to Vinayaka with devotion. Vighneshwar’s favorite Modak, Ada, Jaggery Pongal, Unniyappam, everything is offered.

Karukamala Charthi is widely worshiped with sixteen rituals. The festivities then conclude with the immersion of the idol of Vinayaka in a nearby river or ocean.

Story like this behind Chaturthi

Ganesha is a very beautiful dancing deity. Once upon a time, Lord Parameswaran and Lord Parvati wanted to see Lord Ganesha dancing. Ganapati danced. Satisfied, his parents made Gajanan his favorite modak.

Ganesh Chaturthi mantras – Chant these mantras on Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganapati, who was happy to eat Modak on a full stomach, traveled through Kailasa during the evening. All of a sudden Modak jumped out. Seeing this, Ganapathi became depressed and made sure that no one saw him. Modak’s balls were put back into the abdomen.

Chandran, who was watching all this, burst out laughing at this strange sight. Angered by the laughter, Ganapathi cursed, “May you make fun of me on a happy day so that the people who see you on this day may not hear exceptions.” That is why it is said that one should not see the moon on Vinayaka Chaturthi day.

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