During the Bihar Budget Session, the style of opposition and opposition at home was covered in style, questions and answers.

During the debate in Bihar Assembly on Bihar Budget 2021-22, there were plenty of Shiro-Shayari. At first, Tejashwi Yadav used sharp-shayry. After Deputy Chief Minister Arun Shankar Prasad, Manoj Manjil, Akhtarul Iman, Jyoti Devi, Swarna Singh, Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul, Ratnesh Sada, Satyendra Yadav, Suryakant Paswan, Rajkumar Singh, Subhashi Mukherjee followed. In the same way.

‘You calculate according to your calculations, the public calculates their own’
Opposition leader Tarkishore Prasad praised the government’s budget. Sushil told Modi his voice was clear. Placing the first lion, he said – I have a thousand imperfections, I’m sorry / Never swatch clean your mirror. After that, Tejashwi again criticized the government’s budget on various issues, and then read the Lion – ‘Do it right, according to your calculations, the public will take it into account’. When Tejashwi targeted the government in a poetic fashion, he said that a cloud of lies would come out, Speaker Vijay Sinha said quickly – complete this lion. When Tejashwi kept silence, the opposition members echoed when he learned that it was not a tiger but a bastion on the government.

“Political decisions are not determined by heritage, but by the air, by the air.”
Tarkishore Prasad began to lay the government’s answer to the questions of the opposition from the lion – I heard that the sea is very glorious today, take the place where the storm came. The Deputy Chief Minister explained the merits of the budget. The leader said targeting the opposition, we are working on building Bihar under Nitish Kumar, not the leader of the opposition. He concluded the conversation and said – ‘The decisions of politics cannot be determined by heritage, the extent to which the plane is the sky’.

Both stories were heard
Members of the legislature heard two stories while discussing the budget on Thursday. The first story is narrated by opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav. The story of buffalo and bell. Said, the thieves came to a village. The buffalo was stolen. Half the thieves chased the buffalo bell and ran in the other direction, carrying half the buffalo in the other direction. The villagers ran towards the bell and stole the buffalo. BJP MLA Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul also told the story in response to the query. The idea was to sell the horse, go to the fair, and sell as much as it could. Hookah brought in profits.