Educational parks to be built in 1100 government schools in the state on the concept of teacher of Ludhiana

The deserted grounds of state government schools will now serve as teachers for students. It is not surprising. On the edges of these desolate grounds of the school, an educational park will be built in which models of mathematics, science, geography, language and other subjects will be prepared. Along with these models, information about them will also be given. So that children can understand syllabus easily. The work of constructing educational parks in government schools was first started in the state by teacher Narinder Singh of Jundali, Government Primary School, Ludhiana.

Narinder Singh built Maths Park in his school about five years ago. After this, smart schools across the state also adopted this concept. Now the education department is going to build education parks in 1100 schools of the state under the overall education campaign. For this, a fund of Rs 2.20 crore has also been released under the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. There are also 90 parks to be built in government schools in Ludhiana district.

Some working models and some general models are to be prepared in Educational Park. In this, working models related to mathematics and science are to be made with maps of the country, state and district so that children can easily understand their syllabus by looking at them. Apart from this, some tools will also be kept in the park to learn Punjabi, English and other languages. More and more western material is used in the construction of these parks. For this, the education department has released 20 thousand rupees per school. School principals will soon start building such parks in their respective schools. There will also be space for display of models made by children at a corner in these parks. So that other children can also be motivated for such activity. Similar parks have been built in about 50 schools in Ludhiana district earlier.

Narinder Singh, a teacher of Government Primary School Jandiali, says that he had prepared maths park in the school about five years ago, by preparing children for counting, tables, additions, deductions and some formulas. Not only this, models were also introduced for knowledge of park directions. He said that this was the first educational park of its kind in the state. Now this park has been upgraded further. He told that whenever children are free, they go and play in this park and learn a lot. The child who is not found in the class room is explained through activity in the park. These parks also serve as a kind of lab.

Art and craft room will be built in school

Secretary Education Krishna Kumar asked all the school principals to get the activities of art and craft to create creative nature for children. Apart from this, the children display whatever they prepare in school. For this, create an art and craft room in each school. In some schools, teachers have also created such rooms, which have shown positive results. He said that the principal should ensure that this room should be open during school time so that other children are also inspired to see it.

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