Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th December 2020 Written Update: Suman loves the gift of Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 15th December 2020 Written Update: Suman loves the gift of Shravan

The episode begins with Suman looking at old pictures and remembering Shravan. She laughs and writes her diary. She likes Shravan’s gift. He writes, These are the best memories of our lives. She sighed. Shravan thinks of Suman. He remembers Bunty’s words. He plans to write a letter to Suman. He sits down to write a letter to Suman. He writes…. The more I write in my heart, the more I want to write my feelings.

Shravan writes, I am always looking for your happiness. He is feeling great. He writes … If there is separation in our destiny, be it, may fate have mercy on me, then I will live life with my memories, be there for you, be happy, you want to say the name of someone you want to support, remember me, they will always support you Come on, wherever I live, I always come to your call, and I always regret not being able to tell you this even though I wrote it. , My Suman, I want to tell you. He cries and burns the letter. In the morning of it, Avni comes to listen.

She gets tea. She asks if you are upset or you are unwell. They say I’m fine. They say you had nothing in the morning, um umri told me. He says what Jumri wants. Bunty comes home. He meets Kanchan. She asks why are you beating this? Kanchan asks what is the matter. He says I need to speak to meet Suman. The guests are coming, you can go, do no drama, they say I know better. He tells her he is her bodyguard, go and tell her that I came to visit.

Ramesh and Beena come. Bunty says I came to meet Suman. Ramesh asks him to go. Beena thinks. Shravan says Bunty came. Avni asks if you have spoken with him about Suman’s engagement, Bunty said Suman should not do this. Bunty is insane, he says, talk less with him.

Bunty meets Suman. Kanchan asks what do you want to talk to her about. Bunty says I give an autograph in plaster. He asks Kanchan to bring him water. He sends Kancha. Suman asks to go to Kanchan. Bunty says I don’t need water now. Bunty gets Shravan’s call. Shravan asks where you are.

Bunty says I’m coming, I’m on the road. Shravan asks him to come soon. Bunty comes near Suman. She asks what’s the matter. I want to tell you one thing, you know Shravan loves you so much, he is fighting for his love, he needs you, I know you still love him. No one knows Shravan better than you, you know what happened in his life, when I needed Shravan 7 years ago, he broke contacts and left, he had to think what he should do. He asks what you want.

He says I have no answer, even if I take a step back, there is no guarantee that he will stand with me, I do not know what happened, thank you for trying, do not worry, maybe it is written in our fortune, who can change the fate. Bunty goes to Shravan. Shravan says my father will never accept Suman and his family after all this has happened. Bunty says you leave love for the happiness of others. Shravan says we don’t know the rights and don’t include Avni. He goes.

Avni asks. Bunty asks not to talk to Avni. Avni says I never told Shravan on purpose. Shravan goes out and sees Suman’s house. Suman writes… I have waited a lot for you, Shravan, I have lost courage and hope, but I will wait for you. Shravan thinks I can do something for you, but fate has deceived us, what should I do now. He looks sad.

When Shravan comes in I want to look into his eyes and see his feelings, says Suman, “I need a sign from him.” She goes for an engagement. Shravan says what happened to me when I decided I would not go near Suman.

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