Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21th November 2020 Written Update: Sophie meets Vikram

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 21th November 2020 Written Update: Sophie meets Vikram

Suman bringing Kher to everyone in Kant. Shravan comes to Suman. Suman says I should ask you something, Shravan says yes. Suman will ask when Basheer will come and take Shravan to dance with him.

Suman gets a call from Vikram asking where she is, he is looking for her everywhere. Suman says something really didn’t come out so he had to come here. Vikram Oh, and do you know where Shravan is? Suman Yes he is here too, why? Vikram says Sophie is as worried about Shravan as I am for you. Suman says okay. Vikram cuts the call and tells Sophie that Shravan is there too. Sophie asks if Vikram does not feel that something is happening. Something common between Suman and Shravan.

Vikram is in the army, they both wear the same uniform, what else? Vikram smiles. Sophie says that emotions are not the same as being in the same profession. What does Vikram say? Sophie goes out to explain but he hears Avni’s words and Sophie doesn’t reveal Shravan and Suman’s past. Avni says the two of you are here. Vikram says yes I am hungry, let’s go. They leave.

Here in the cant, everyone dances. Suman and Shravan look at each other. After dancing, everyone would sit together and eat kheer. Seniors say how serebrating in Kant is stupid but celebrating with family is different. Another senior says that it is difficult for army people to visit their families every Diwali. An elder shared how his daughter had been upset by his absence before but now she understands Mr as she grows up and said I am proud of you. Suman gets emotional and Shravan notices it. Everyone shares how their children ask for gifts instead of being absent from Diwali.

Gujral asks Shravan if you have lost your family. We are staying here in Bhopal, I don’t know whose bad eyes caught us. Our family is not the same now. Gujral asks Suman. Suman says we are celebrating Diwali at home, Dad has been getting his orders since he left…. We don’t celebrate Diwali, but this time we were at home and then all of you got a chance to get Kheer as Father brought it. She cries.

After Suman went, I thought there was nothing in life, he gave me a purpose, served the country, he lived for it, I live for it. Saurabh says Kheer is sweet and it got all the fun of Diwali. Bussy you can say that, pass me some kheer. Suman and Shravan look at each other. They say that you are feeling much better today. She says yes, I am too. He asks her what she wants. He gets a call. They say I am. The Colonel says you should report here before sunrise. Shravan says yes, sure.

Suman asks if everything is fine. They say yes, I have to report there, I have to go. They say you are a wounded soldier, you cannot go. They say I should follow my commanding officer, you know that too. Sophie says I came to take some fresh air. Avni I know you are really good, you don’t do anything that hurts anyone. Sophie really asks, I didn’t think so. Avni has a request for me, Shravan impressed me the most, he happened to be with Vikram’s friend, Suman and Shravan, don’t discuss any old stuff.

Sophie asks what do you want to say, I know what was between them, Shravan told me, they have nothing now, I have no intention, you need not worry. Avni says thanks. She’s gone. Sophie thinks it’s strange, why is Avni saying so, I don’t know if there’s anything between Shravan and Suman.

Suman says we have worked hard, that while we are close to total healing, a mild injury can ruin hard work, as a doctor, I don’t think Shravan has to go anywhere. Shravan says sir, I know she worked very hard to heal my injury, I too worked hard, but… Gujral goes and calls. Shravan asks why you are doing this. She says I am doing my duty, you are not ready for it, if anything happens to you, I cannot forgive myself, that is, as a doctor.

He says that as a soldier I cannot be forgiven if I do not follow the orders of the elders. They argue. Gujral comes and says Shravan should go. Suman says Sit… Gujral I don’t know the details, matter argent, let him go, good luck captain. Thank you Shravan. Suman sighed. My luck was good, its fine, fate could change at any time, ”he says. He goes. Suman looks up.

Precape: Sophie meets Vikram. She hopes that Suman will come in without Shravan, let alone find out. She says Vikram, we are planning something. Vikram calls Suman. Sukran No Vikram, there you go. Suman worries for Shravan. She cries.