Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th December 2020 Written Update: Suman Shravan dreaming

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 9th December 2020 Written Update: Suman Shravan dreaming. She wakes up. Doctors treat her. Beena asks Are you okay Suman. Suman sees the whole family. Doctors say she needs time to recover for at least ten days. Vikram says we will not keep any engagement anytime soon.

Suman says the engagement takes place on a fixed date. Beena asks her to relax and not worry. She’s gone. Vikram stays with Suman. Sophie says Suman let her rest and she is hurt. Vikram says this is just a scratch for Suman. Sophie says I have a flight, I’ll go. Suman and Vikram greet her.

Vikram asks Suman to take a rest. If you need anything, text me, ”says Kanchan. Vikram Suman says, you don’t take the stress out about the engagement date. Suman says I want the engagement to be on a fixed date. He nods. He walks away.

If I postpone the date, I don’t know if I have the courage or not, and she thinks that if I lose courage, I’ll break up. You call Chandi by calling Bunty Shravan. He asks if he has reached. Shravan says yes, if there is any problem. Bunty says Suman had an accident, she was fine, no worries, some days she was fine, doctors said. Shravan disconnects. Bunty says he didn’t hear the whole thing.

Shravan calls Suman. She thinks why are you calling me now when you leave. She answers. By that time the call ends. Maybe she thinks this is an urgent matter, I wasted time and didn’t answer. Ek Duje… .Place…. He texts her to ask if you are fine. They say you have reached Chandigarh Chandigarh, I am fine, it makes no sense to say anything now. She writes that I can ask from here about your health. She writes, Why, you had to leave, it was important, I deal with the problems of my life, it is not your problem. She sighed.

Vikron gets chocolate and flowers for Suman. They say it’s not necessary. They say that you get a smile from the good essence of flowers, you can have chocolates after medications. He goes to shop Kanchan. Kanchan says I cannot leave Suman. They say I am with you. She says its fine.

He says I would like to spend time with Suman, if you can please, can you go shopping? You make a lot of play, fine, I’ll go shopping, do you need anything? Vikram says I am there for Suman. Kanchan says I want to have someone in my life. She says take care of her. She’s gone.

You don’t have to do all this, says Suman. Why Vikram, I’ll move here till you’re fine, I’ll take Shravan’s room, how you liked your new PG, I’ll stay there, call me if you need anything, I’ll be right here. She says yes. He says he will heal quickly. He goes.

Suman is reading the book. She tries to get to the table. She feels pain in her foot. Shravan comes and holds her. Thank you Vikram…. She looks at Shravan again. Make Dylan K Pare… .Pray…. He lets her sit down. She asks how you got there all of a sudden. You’re right, I’m back.

He gives her .sheets. She smiles. They say I am kidding, I missed my flight. She says but your flight was in the morning, where are you. They say my friends met me in the morning. They say you know I’m hurt, you don’t have any behavior to look at me and see, I handle it. He helps her. His boarding pass falls on her bed.

They will ask you for something. She’s not there, I’ll sleep for a while, your plane missed today, when do you go. I say look. She writes her diary…. You do not love me, I understand, I am explaining my heart, but you do not care for me, you did not come to meet me, you spent the day with friends, we had many years of relationship.

She gets Shravan’s boarding pass there. She sees it and remembers Shravan’s words. She thinks he reached Chandigarh Chandigarh, he took a return flight to Bhopal for my sake.

Precape: Devaraj learns that Shravan is staying at Tiwari’s house. He says I will be there in 2 days. Why did you not tell me the truth when you came back for my sake, Suman asks why he had lied to Shravan.

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