Election talks? Prime Minister Narendra Modi said – I am sorry for not learning Tamil – Be a sports commentator in regional languages

PM Narendra Modi while addressing the country on the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program said he was sad that Tamil could not be learned. PM Narendra Modi regrets not learning Tamil, one of the oldest languages ​​in the world. This view of PM Narendra Modi is considered the key to the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. Addressing a rally in Tamil Nadu recently, Narendra Modi and the BJP said they wanted to impose the same culture, same thinking and ideology across the country. Narendra Modi’s comment on Tamil is important in such a situation.

PM Narendra Modi also spoke about Assam’s Jayadev Pyeong while talking about nature conservation. PM Narendra Modi said of Pong, ‘He is active in plantation on 300 hectares of land. Ready for forest conservation, he has given people the message of biodiversity and conservation. PM Narendra Modi appealed to the Sports Ministry to promote regional language and culture in the Man Ki Ki Baat Program. PM Modi said, ‘We must promote interpretation in regional languages, Indian languages. I appeal to the Ministry of Sports and private organizations to think about this.

PM Modi wins Science Day in Mann Ki Baat Science needs to be popularized throughout India, he said. Talking about water conservation, he said that the Ministry of Hydro Power would launch a campaign called ‘Catch the Rain’ in the coming days. PM Modi said that collectively we all have to take responsibility for water conservation.

PM Narendra Modi discussed the exams with the students. He said that sometimes even a very simple and simple question shook the mind. These questions are not long, very simple, yet they make us think. That said, the coming months have special significance in the lives of all of you. Most young comrades have tests. You all want to be warriors, not worryers.