Elon Musk makes $ 6.7 billion without pay, see list of America’s highest paid CEOs

Elon Musk, the highest-paid CEO in America: American giant Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk are always making headlines for their statements and new tweets. After all, who can forget the tweet made by bitcoin investor Elon Musk, which followed a sudden drop in the price of all cryptocurrencies. Elon Musk is very active on social media. He’s in the news again. In a statement issued by Tesla, it is stated that in 2020, Elon Musk took no salary, despite this he is the highest paid CEO in the US. According to a Bloomberg report, by 2020, Tesla’s CEO has been awarded $ 6.7 billion in compensation (options awards). That’s 11 times more than the CEO of Oak Street Health.

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According to a Bloomberg report, they are America’s highest paid CEOs

Name Company Income (dollars)
Elon Musk Tesla 6.7 billion
Mike Picos Oak Street Health 568 million
Trevor Bezdek (co-CEO) GoodRX Holding 497 million
Douglas (co-CEO) GoodRX Holding 497 million
Eric Wu Opendoor technology 388 million
Alex Corp. Palantir Technologies 369 million
Jeffrey Price (COO) Oak Street Health 356 million
Tim Cook Apple 265 million

Source: Bloomberg

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When will Tesla set up its plant in India?

American electric vehicle (EV) company Tesla could set up a manufacturing plant in India. Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggested it. Let me tell you that Nitin Gadkari, the Union Road Transport and Highways Minister, had advised Tesla to set up a plant in India. With this, he had counted on the advantages of coming to India.

That’s what Elon Musk said

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked on Twitter if the company had any plans locally. In response to this question, Elon Musk has stated that if the company is successful with imported vehicles in India, then it may consider setting up a manufacturing plant. Musk said that at present the import duty in India is the highest in the world. He hoped tariffs would be available on electric vehicles, though temporary.

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