Fact Check: The Modi government is giving 3500 rupees every month to all the unemployed, find out the truth of this message which is viral on WhatsApp

Amid the corona epidemic, people’s fraud in the name of fake projects on social media is rising rapidly. Over the past several days, the Government of India has been paying a total of Rs 3500 per month to all unemployed under the ‘Pradhan Mantri Unemployment Allowance Scheme’ on WhatsApp. Given the message of giving. In fact this claim is false and it is found to be fake on Fact Check. PIBFact Check reports that the claimed and issued blog link is fake. The Government of India is not carrying out any such project.

PIB is the leading agency to inform the newspapers and electronic media about the policies, initiatives and achievements of the Government of India. The PIB said the claim was fake. The Central Government has not made any announcement regarding any such scheme. Please put in a similar viral message a few months ago, in a viral message, according to the Budget 2021, the Modi government is giving the unemployed a chance to earn Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 a day. This claim is also known to be fake.

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