Fact Check: The Modi government is offering Rs 4000 to everyone under the Corona Care Fund Scheme, Learn the Truth of this Viral Message

Under the Corona Care Fund Scheme, everyone gets Rs 400, nowadays such a message is going viral on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp message states that the Government of India is providing Rs 4,000 assistance to everyone under the ‘Corona Care Fund Scheme’.

If you have also received such a message, do not fall for it. This claim is completely false. The Government of India is not carrying out any such project. This is proved in the PIB Fact Check. Let us tell you that PIB is the leading agency that informs the newspapers and electronic media about the policies, initiatives and achievements of the Government of India. PIB tweeted this, warning people of this claim …

At the same time, there are many reports on the website of http://medhavionline.org that the Government of India is offering scholarships to students of schools and colleges under the Meritorious scheme. This website has also been found to be fake on PIB Fact Check.

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To know if any news related to the government is true or fake, PIB Fact Check can be taken to help. A screenshot, tweet, Facebook post or suspicious news URL can be sent to PIB Fact Check on WhatsApp number 918799711259 or mailed to [email protected]

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