Famous songwriter Santosh Anand, how everyone was crying, read the full story

Renowned songwriter Santosh Anand arrived on the latest episode of Indian Idol. He made everybody feel great by saying their painful things on the show. Santosh Anand has written the famous song ‘Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai’ which people still love to hear but they have been facing a bad financial situation for the past several years. He still doesn’t walk. When told of his condition on the show, all eyes were wet.

On Indian Idol, Santosh said, “I came to Mumbai years later. I really like it. I used to come and go here like a flying bird. I wrote songs at night. All this is written with my blood and pen, not a song. It was so good to remember that day. Sometimes it seems like daytime has changed.

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“I want to live well.” Devi used to wear yellow clothes in summer and go for a walk. Ram ji is very kind to me. A lot was also given. This is how everything went. I have no idea who closed Ram Ji’s doors so far. Now that is not the point, but once I want to say, the past does not come now, no one else in your heart, except you. We just blew home, life and nothing is your story. ”

Hearing all this, Neha Kakkar started to cry, ‘We learned to love the songs you wrote. You need to know about the world and Sir, I want to give you a gift of Rs 5 lakh. On hearing this, Santosh Anand cries, “I’m so proud. I haven’t heard anything so far.” I still work hard today. “In reply,” Neha replied, “you understand that this is from your granddaughter.” After this, Santosh Anand says, “I accept that.”

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Who is Santosh Anand
Santosh was born in Secunderabad, Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He studied library science from Aligarh Muslim University. Santosh was initially working as a librarian in Delhi. He loved poems very much. She was attending poets conferences in Delhi. Used to write poems. In 1970, Santosh Anand proposed to write songs for the film. Purab and Paschim wrote the song ‘Poorna Suhani I Re’.

The song was so loved, they started getting more offers. In 1972, he wrote the song Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai for the Shore film, which became very popular. The song is sung by Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar. In 1974, I was awarded the Filmfare Award for the song “Main Na Bhulj …” from the film Roti Kadap and Makan, and the Mohabbat Hai ka Cheesi song from 1983’s “Prem Rog”. In 2016, Yash was awarded the Indian Award.

Santosh Anand has broken up after the death of his son and Sosa

Santosh’s son Sankalpa and Sosay committed suicide in 2014. Sankalpa had been teaching sociology and criminology to IAS officers in the home ministry, but the time had come when he began to be mentally troubled. Sankalpan and his wife reached the railway tracks near the town of Kosikalan and jumped in front of the train and gave their lives. It was very difficult for Santosh to get out of this trauma.