Fans bragged that former all-rounder Abdul Zaaq got into controversy by making sexist comments about Nida Dar

Former Pakistani all-rounder Abdul Zaqaq has been attacked by critics for making sexist comments about star player Nida Dar. Fans have been denouncing him on social media for his actions. As such, Raa Zaak often stays in the headlines due to his erroneous rhetoric and misinterpretation. But this time he made a sexist comment about the national team’s star player. Razak expressed this view on a TV show from June. But, this video clip of the TV show is now going viral enough. Razak and Dar were sitting together at the Dar Dar talk show when the former all-rounder made this statement about the women’s teammate.

Asked what he would have done if Nida Dar had not been a cricketer on the show, the female cricketer replied that she could still be a professional athlete. “This is their field,” Raqqa said. When they become cricketers, they try to match men. If you can’t play better than him. They have to prove that not only men but also women can perform well, so the feeling of marriage goes away. If you shake hands with him, whoever he is, he will remain a woman.

Regarding this comment from Razak, fans are hitting him on social media. One user wrote, ‘Everyone is so bad at that woman. It is impossible to imagine how much sex our women must go through. Nida is a courageous star. One user wrote, ‘He was always known to be one of Abdul’s Za’ak saxist commentators. This is a drain worm. He was constantly making sexist remarks against Nida Dar that he was not married to men. Everyone was laughing.

Another user wrote, ‘You are a world-class all-rounder, but your mood remains where you started your career. I am not ashamed to say bad words to a Pakistani star on national TV.

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