Fear of banking fraud? Create strong passwords in these eight ways

Amid the corona crisis, banking fraud cases are many times higher. Experts say banking fraud is on the rise due to the rise in online transactions due to Kovid. In the wake of this crisis, the State Bank of India (SBI) has advised people to create a strong password for net banking or mobile banking, which hackers cannot easily break. The SBI has said how to strengthen your password in eight ways.

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Such passwords protect you from banking fraud

  • Add uppercase and lowercase letters in the password, such as ABjsE7uG
  • Use numbers and symbols in the password, eg AbjsE7uG61! @
  • Do not create a password less than eight characters, eg aBjsE7uG
  • Do not use colloquial words
  • Do not use keyboard paths
  • Don’t create generic passwords like 12345678 or abcdefg
  • Do not use easy options to guess
  • Do not link a password with your name and date of birth

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Big risk in the next 12 months

More than five thousand pandemic-related phishing websites have originated since the beginning of the Kovid-19 pandemic, and by July 2021, are designed to steal customer information through counterfeit payment offers and discount covid tests. Another report last week said that about 73 percent of firms or companies in India are at risk of data theft over the next 12 months. In such a situation, it is important that you use a strong banking password.

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