Finance Minister speaks about Income Tax attack on Anurag Kashyap – Why were there no questions about the measures taken in 2013?

The finance minister, who is responsible for the Income Tax department’s action on people associated with the film industry, including Mumbai’s Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu, said these agencies are finding the truth and that people should not question the attacks for no reason. Responding to a question in a Delhi program, he said that without any name, I will not refer to any case but raise questions only when such action is taken during our government.

When such an action was taken in 2013, he said why that action was not challenged. According to them, this is not a double attitude and we should not get down on whether something is wrong or not. Or if this attack is only during the period of our government, the only questions that need to be raised are the attacks of other governments.

Employment increased in January-February
On the question of employment, the finance minister said the number of jobs increased in January and February. Immigrant workers who have returned to their districts or villages are now returning to work. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was surprised by the Haryana government’s decision to give 75 per cent reservation to local people and said that it is beyond my understanding why the Haryana government has taken such a decision. Responding to the question of petrol diesel prices, the Central and State Governments need to sit down and talk about this. This is because 41% of the excise duty that the center takes on goes to states. Therefore, it is not correct to say that the central government takes money.

The Bengal government has not issued a list of farmers
Targeting the West Bengal Mamata government, Prime Minister Kisan Saman said the center is ready to take advantage of the West Bengal farmers. Its provision has been placed in the budget, but the state governments have not yet submitted a list of farmers. Until the list goes on, we cannot afford the benefits of the PM Kisan fund scheme to the farmers of West Bengal.


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