Former BJP MLA who held a meeting of upper caste men demanding ‘justice’ for Hathras rape accused – Ex-bjp mla hosts gathering upper caste men seeking justice for the gang of rappers

Agra: The mass rape of a young woman in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh, the inhumane attack on her and the horrific developments that followed have rocked the entire country.

There were protests all over the country, demanding that the four members of the Thakur community who were raped should be punished harshly and stringent legal action should be taken against the rapists. There was also criticism of the Uttar Pradesh police’s actions against political leaders who had gone to Hathras.

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Amidst all these incidents, there was an alarming development in Uttar Pradesh, when a former BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh demanded justice for the victims of the rape by mobilizing the men of the Thakur community on behalf of the rapists.

Former BJP MLA from Sadr constituency of Hathras, Rajveer Pehalwan, held a meeting of a large group of upper caste men at his house, appearing on behalf of the accused in the Hathras gang-rape case. He also told the gathering that he could not be declared guilty until the charges against him were proven.

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Former MLA Rajveer Pehalwan, ten kilometers from the house of a young woman who had been raped by Hathras, spoke to Vijay Karnataka’s brother-in-law, the Times of India. I also spoke with the family of the accused. Yet the house of a young woman who has been raped is constantly changing her statement. Rajveer Pehalwan alleged that his outcry and outbursts were motivated by political parties.

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The investigation into the case has now been handed over to the CBI. But the victim’s young housekeeper doesn’t believe it. But he said the upper caste community within the village wanted justice for the rapist. On the other hand, some upper caste people are mobilized to support the rapist, who visited 25 villages in Ita near Hathras last Saturday and spoke to the people of his community.


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