Former Kangaroo leader Greg Chappell credits Rahul Dravid with building strong domestic structure

Former national player Greg Chappell, former India captain Rahul Dravid has read the minds of Australia to create a solid home structure that is constantly providing the best players for the country’s national team. However, he said Australia lost it. Chappell said both India and England have overtaken Australia in recognition of young talents and are providing them with a platform to succeed. Chappell told ‘Cricket dot com’, ‘India was a success and Rahul Dravid has learned from us that we have seen what we are doing and have replicated it in India and got more options (population). ‘

Chappell, one of the most experienced batsmen of all time, has warned that domestic formation can be difficult for talented Australian cricketers in their careers. “Historically we have been excellent at preparing young players and keeping them in touch with the system, but I think that has changed in the last few years,” he said. Chappell said, ‘I’ve seen a bunch of young players with a lot of talent but they don’t get opportunities. This is not acceptable. Chappell believes Australia has lost the right to call themselves the best at recognizing talent.

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He said, ‘I think we’ve lost the best spot in the talent search. I mean now England is doing better than us and India is doing better than us. Earlier this year, India’s second-class team won the Border Gavaskar Trophy by defeating Australia on its own ground with injuries from several key players. Charismatic skipper Virat Kohli has also been able to play a single match of the four-match series due to paternity leave.

Chappell believes that India has shown a very effective player development system and that their young players also have extensive international experience. The former coach of India said, ‘When you look at the Indian team playing in the Brisbane Test, there were three or four new players and everyone said it was India’s second XI. These players have played plenty of matches for India A. He said, ‘And that too, not only in India, but in different circumstances. So when he was selected, he was not a newcomer, he was an international cricketer.

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