Garlic Salt Benefits: not only quick weight loss but keeping your blood pressure under control know amazing unknown health benefits of eating ayurvedic garlic salt

Unknown Benefits of Garlic Salt: Doctors often recommend eating less salt in blood pressure patients. But today tell you about a salt that will not only keep your blood pressure under control, but will also help you in controlling your increasing weight. Yes and the name of that salt is garlic salt ie garlic salt. Garlic salt helps in nourishing you as well as eliminating many of your problems. The special thing is that it is not only healthy to eat salt but also tasty. Let’s know the healthy benefits of this salt and the method of making it.

Controls high blood pressure
You may have also heard the doctors advising to consume raw buds of garlic in the morning to control blood pressure. But the raw buds of garlic are difficult to consume directly due to the sharp taste. In such a situation, garlic salt can be consumed. Garlic salt works to improve blood flow.

Cholesterol –
Garlic salt can help you reduce bad cholesterol. Cholesterol levels can be kept balance by consuming garlic salt daily.

The sulfur present in garlic protects organs from poisoning of metals, which does not cause organ damage. Due to wrong eating habits, many harmful substances are produced in the body, which are called toxins. Consuming garlic helps detox your body.

Obesity Control
Garlic salt contains abundant amount of dietary fiber, which improves digestion and digestion. Due to this, obesity of a person also remains under control.

How to make garlic salt
To make garlic salt, firstly grind one part garlic with one third of normal salt in a grinder. Bake this powdered garlic mixture in the oven at 180 degree centigrade for one hour. Grind this mixture of salt once again in the grinder.


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