Gattimela Kannada Serial: Amulya returns to Vedanth’s office

Amulya aka Rowdy returns to Vedant’s office in an upcoming episode of Gattimala. Amulya will resume as Vedant Ventures’ manager on the show.
As Amulya and Vedant are eagerly waiting to meet each other in the office, they are stopped by their siblings at their respective homes. When Anjali asks Amulya why she decorates the office, Chadha Vedant, on the other hand, requests him to go shopping.
While Amulya diverts Anjali and rushes to the office, Vedant corrects when Chadha and Vikrant cross over to him. However, Vedant avoids the situation and manages to come to his place of work before reaching Amulya.
He not only visits Amulya’s front office but surprises her with a lovely welcome note. Vedant holds a note and welcomes Amulya back to his office. Amulya rushes and hugs Vedant. She thanks him for the warm welcome to the office.
Prior to this, while Tiff had had a tiff with Vedant Amulya about being at her house, Amulya took it a step further and resigned from Vedant’s office. However, as the story progresses, Vedant and Amulya confess their feelings and the two have cleared up all the differences between them. They have decided not to reveal anything about their relationship with anyone until the time is demanding.

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