Gattimela Serial preview: Amulya gets possessive, asks Vedanth’s female fan to stay away

Gatimela is one of the most watched daily soaps on Kannada television and the TRP reports are evidence of this. The show is full of spectators and the credit goes to its lead actor.
Amulya Vedant is going to warn his fans in the upcoming episode of Gattimala. Amulya and Vedant decide to take a break from their work schedule and spend time together. They go for a walk in a nearby park and spend some quality time together.
As the lovebirds take a walk, she moves away from Vedanta in search of precious time. Meanwhile, an unknown girl identifies with Vedant and introduces her as her fan. She also wants a selfie with Vedanta, which he blocks.
When the girl clicked a selfie, she too grabbed Vedant’s hand. Even though he is uncomfortable with Vedant, he does not say anything. Instead, he remembers a party event and Amulya thinks he has no problems with his fans posing for a selfie.
When Vedant thinks Amulya has no possession, the latter rushes towards him and screams at his fans. She lost her temper and grabbed Vedanta’s hand and shouted at the girl for clicking a selfie. The girl was warned not to come back to Vedant.
Vedant, on the other hand, is deterred by Amulya’s response. He quickly picks her up and takes her away from the unknown girl.