Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat sees Pakhi only on the terrace

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat sees Pakhi only on the terrace

Aditya tells the family that he had to accept the marriage under pressure. If Bhavani had informed her, she would have come there to persuade the villagers. Ninad says he was at least informing them he was sending help. Virat says he is the son of the Chavan family and made the decision after thinking well. Bhavani says he must have realized how happy he was with his decision. He thinks his family will accept his decision. Bhavani says no cost. He says he is already married to Sai. ALso Read Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarita Behen says she doesn’t like Riya

Ninad says without his permission. Bhavani says she will not accept this marriage or Sai and orders Sai to leave. Usha appeals not to reject Sai because she is a sophisticated girl, Kamal Dada gave him good custody. Bhavani says she will never accept Sai. Saloni asks who she is, she looks like a maid. Usha says that she is Kamal Dada maid, but treats Sai as her daughter. Bhavani shouted that the maid was arguing with the owner of Chavan Niwas. Sai says that Usha Moussi is like her mother. Bhavani is arguing and showing her custody, she should know that the mother does not stay in the daughter’s house.

Virat says she brought Usha here. Bhavani shouts that Chavan Niwas is not a dharamshala, anyone can stay here. Sai blames Aba that her daughter has been insulted by everyone.After thinking well, Virat has made a decision and she tells Pakhi Bhavan that she should leave Sai inside. Bhavani asks if Virat is attending their wedding in silence. Pakhi says Virat was already married when Sai reached there and told him to marry Sai under pressure. Virat says to fulfill his responsibility. Bhavani then shouts at Mohit and Karishma for not informing her about the marriage.

Karishma says that Mohit will tell him when Virat takes his phone. Virat says she wanted to address her in person. Bhavani tells her that she will not accept Sai at any cost and he orders her to abandon him wherever he takes her. Usha pleads with her not to deny Sai. She may be angry at him, but Virat says that Usha and Sai stay with him. Bhavani continues. Whatever Pakhi says, Satya Virat is now married to Sai and he has to accept this fact.

Ashwini thanks Paki for his understanding and tells Nirat that he is Virat’s son and he should accept his decision. Ninad shouts to her to shut up. Shivani asks why Bhabhi should shut up, she is Virat’s mother and she has the right to speak, Bhabhi and Pakhi are right and they all have to agree with Virat’s decision. She introduces herself to Sai and tells him that Virat has got a better option.Ashwini says she will accept her son’s decisions as she knows he will never make a wrong decision, so Virat’s mother has accepted the marriage. Bhavani asks her what she did, she cannot see the girl and her maid Virat is trapped.

Sai says that she did not trap Virat and she may not allow her in this house, but she cannot insult Usha Moussi like mother. Bhavani shouts, her father has taught her that she is not very cultured, there is a difference between mother and mother. Virat says Sai is sophisticated and will be the top doctor in the entire district in the 12th exam. Bhavani shouted that Sai had caught Virat to become a doctor. Shivani asks Ashwini not to insult Sai as she is humiliated so far and do not stand in her favor. Shivani traps her half-year-old boys and Bhavani shouts that Virat has taught her half-year-old girl to trap.

Sunny asks him not to say it. Bhavani shouted at him in front. Devi passes him off and when he sees the family he asks if they are playing hide, she also plays, looking at Sai and asking who she is. Shivani says she is Virat’s wife Sai. Devi says she is as beautiful as a doll and liked Virat’s wife. She continues that Pakhi also likes Virat and Virat calls her by name.

Sunny takes her. Ashwini asks Karish to arrange for Sai’s planet Pravesh. Karishma says the elder Bahu Pakhi should do that ritual. Ashwini orders her to do as she is told. Bhavani shouts to stop after Ninad. Ashwini agitates Ninaad to lower the tone in front of the new boy and asks Sai to kick the rice bowl and walk into the house. Sai absolutely does. Devi returns and Sai made it perfectly when Pakhi enters the wrong steps, so her husband is missing.

Precap: Virat sees Pakhi only on the terrace. Pakhi says that Sai needs to be her suhagrat and asks him what her place is in his life.