Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Imlee shouts in fear

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update: Imlee shouts in fear

Aditya walks up behind Satyakam when Jaendra stops him and asks for some patience. Ja Ja Re Hat Notkhat… In the song, Imlee dances with folk dancers cheerfully. He happily plays dhol. Police rushed to the village in a jeep to arrest Satyakam. Jandendra tells Aditya that he has convinced Dadda / Satyakam team members to let him meet Dadda. Aditya Towradz Dadda when a team member stopped him and told him that the police were coming to arrest Dada. Imlee tries to stop Daddy emotionally, but his team takes him. Aditya follows, but Dadda’s watchman stops him. Aditya clicks on Satyakam’s pictures hoping he will cover the story at no cost.

Satyakam notices him and asks who he is. Jaendra says she’s a tourist. Aditya reveals that he is a reporter and came to cover his story. Satyakam asks the team to check him out. Aditya gives his identity card. Imlee reads his credentials. People say he is a rebel, but Aditya says he wants to know his true story. Satyakam hears a police siren and tells Aditya that he was coming alone. Aditya says he has not called the police, then his phone is ringing and Satyam has stolen it.

Aditya asks to check his call record. The cops run away and point the gun at Adityanath. Satyakam pulls out his rifle and takes Aditya hostage and escapes. The police searched for them but in vain. The inspector says that if Aditya was a local villager, he would have shot Aditya by that time and ordered the team to find Satyakam by night.

Malini waits for Aditya’s call and hopes he can now meet Satyakam. She sees a picture of her and Aditya and thinks that he will never be better exposed to films, not knowing how their wedding album will be.

Anu’s parents visit Aditya’s house. The family welcomes them, and Aparna serves samosas. Chaturvedi likes it, but Anu throws out his techniques and asks for tissue paper. The treasure murmur is that they do not place tissue paper. Dhruv penetrates outside and brings tissue paper. Chaturvedi warned Anu that samosa is fried in oil and not in water. Malini continues her tricks. Badeepapa says they have chosen a date for Malini and Aditya’s engagement.

Aparna says they have begun remodeling Aditya’s room to accommodate Malini. Anu says that Malini and Aditya did not need the wedding bungalow in the civil lines as a wedding gift. Badepapa says all 3 children grew up in this house and feel comfortable here. Anu says that before she was 4 and now 10, Malini cannot match this crowded house. Aparna asks Malini not to really adjust. Chaturvedi says she is an adjustable person. Anu’s tactics continue.

Precape: Satyakam takes Aditya hostage and asks him to remind him that it is time to meet his God with a gun. He shoots, and Imlee shouts in fear.