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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3 May 2021 Written Update

Madhuri says rightly, eating well, rightly right, you do not worry Madhuri Tai, I eat food very well, then I will know what it is to be hungry without eating food when Virat sir told me When I was taken out of the house, how hungry I was, I know well then Pulkit says just do it, how long you will be sitting with the same thing, then you came and you did not agree to apologize, now eat silently, Madhuri says It is said that you should eat food first, when you have food, then I will go to the room and feed Honey too. She will also be hungry, then Divyani wakes up and says that I am the mother of the loser, so you don’t have to eat her. I will feed him, I just put a plate for him, I will play him in the room with my hands, Pulkit Pulkit says look Devayani, come to see you right after a long day and I am here for a few hours or else I will not go anywhere. Honey will remain the same, it will be given from the hostel in a few hours, it seems to me that you should get the right cooker first.

Should be given once again from right here, then you go to the room and feed food to Honey, but do not go right now, will you be alone? Divyani thinks something, then says yes you are right, yet love is not full of both daughters. I all start having lunch together, then suddenly a message from Mohit comes to the right, read the right message, then it says, “No brother, Virat Dada has gone on a very dangerous mission. You should pray to Bappa for his wish.” Hearing this, Pulkit comes in a lot of tension, he also gets up, he falls on the message, Pulkit gets nervous and says that the greatness of God has not done on the mission about which some terrorists are being shown on TV from this morning. Entered and did not do so much to complete that mission. What did you do? This is what you did before Virat had called you only and only to talk to you, Virat was only thinking of you while going on such a dangerous mission. You even tried to tell me something, but you did not listen to one of them. Impact you disconnected his phone, what is right? or

You ditch, say nothing, have done what you had to do, you start eating food silently, then suddenly start crying after thinking about Virat, right too many crowds drink water from the clutter of a class. All Pulkit How right you are right or what has not happened, do not get upset right everything will be right, right comes your tears, Pulkit ji, I am absolutely fine, do not worry too or if I reach then tell the rest of your police officer that 22 I will go ahead and do not come in. There are more than two terrorists. You guys will go ahead by two and I will cover you guys and keep in mind that no one will shoot until I reach the right hostel here. Is and starts reading out his book, but does not feel right in any kind of studies, keep the right books in the side, how is this happening to me, why am I not able to read, then Aniket’s call near the right Comes first, does not want to pick up the right, but then picks up the phone, then Aniket says, turn on the right news channel and see what is showing right in it.

Picks up the remote and turns on the TV as she sets up a news channel, then it is shown in a big way. He starts thinking right and starts crying. What is this God I did Virat sir went on such a dangerous mission and wanted to talk to me before leaving. He just called me but I have not heard one of his calls. Also cut Virat’s family are also watching the news channel, then Pakhi says, well Virat was talking about this mission, but if he had to go on such a dangerous mission then at least his family members So we would have told how much we asked but Virat did not say a word, I do not understand why Virat hid from us, how is Mohit, brother, he did not hide from you but everyone because it is not in his duty to disclose these things You understand this, Virat Dada always keeps his duties as paramount.

Later, Ashwini says to her, “Oh Lord Virat has gone on such a dangerous mission, I did not even know that the Emperor had gone on such a dangerous mission, but the Emperor has not returned till today, my son may have something to do. My son is just The right way back home, Bhavani Kaku says shut up and say something Ashwini Virat is very promising and nothing will happen to the brave police officer Raipur, only then Ashwini says wish it was right here today, everything would be alright. Started talking about him, if he was here, what tree was uprooted, what would he have done? – Code is full that the photo is not even ready to come, while Virat folds his hands in front of him, Nina Dada says that you can forget, but I cannot forget how you gathered all the neighbors and sent them to all of us. All Pakhi says that I am very nervous, I work, then call you and ask her well, Ashwini Kaku snatch the phone, say Ti Has your mind gone wrong, do you not understand how many times you have to rest once, you do not see that in a huge encounter and you want to disturb him by calling him, your insanity is now increasing to a great extent so that one Keep in mind that no one will call you Virat and why you are lying behind my son and can’t sleep anything else, with this episode and end, in the Monday episode, you will see that Virat is a member of his team In order to save the person, he shoots a bullet on his chest, he calls the phone on the right side. You pick up the phone of Virat, another police officer who tells that Virat’s chest is shot and it gets horribly horrified. And starts running barefoot from the hostel, Virat’s condition gets very serious here and Virat is taken to the hospital. You will see all this in Monday’s episode.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Upcoming Story

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