Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein serial written update 20 November 2020

Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein serial written update 20 November 2020

Pakhi Ashwini brought her tea, but she refused to take it and told Mohit to take it. She brought her tea and told Karishma. Bhavani asks Ninaad that Virat is missing and has informed him about Samrat. Virat already knows about this. Ashwini asked Pakhi why Virat had told her about it. Ninaad commented that Sunny had told him that he was not a Pakhi. Shivani was leaving and she said it was too late to go back. Sonali said Shivami had lied about the Samrat situation.

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According to the card, Sonali said Samrat will never return. Sai opens her cupboard, thinking that she is indeed a doctor. Sai joined her hand and apologized for the mistakes Kamal had made. Sai said that she would fulfill her dream.

Usha Sai asked if Virat would thank her for the blood she gave or not. Sai was shocked and said it would be best for him to quit dying. Usha told her how Virat took her to the hospital and saved the doctor. Sai thought for a while and considered Virat a murderer again. Shivani asked for proof more than everyone had told Krishna to ask the truth. With a little hesitation, Karishma opted for the Mansi card, which is a Mom hanging from the rope. Shivani misled him and left.

Sai was running, and after her Virat was suddenly running, Sai Virat fell to the river and suddenly he was going to jump. On the other side, he saw Kamal who was telling her to protect him, and on the other side, he could see his father telling him to do his duty justly. Virat descended to save Sai and hugged her out of the water. And suddenly Virat woke up and broke his nightmare. Virat was scared and sweating. While Ashwini was feeding Mansi, Pakhi entered these houses with the wrong foot and started to cry and blame Pakhi for everything.

Ashwini calmed her down, but she was sure of that misfortune. Pakhi stood and listened to all this. Ashwini said that Samrat would return and requested Pakhi not to think of such a negative. Milind came to meet Virat and asked him to marry Sai and give her a new life. Virat said he wasn’t going anywhere. He fulfills his duty and marries Sai.