Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st November 2020 Written Update: Bhawani says what Pakhi does there

Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 21st November 2020 Written Update: Bhawani says what Pakhi does there

Sai cried as we perfumed her father’s last rites. Usha Moushi says give Kamal a place near your feet and give my Sai strength. Milind tells Usha that Virat agreed. Sai says Virat sir agreed but Sai says no and we all know how stubborn she is. Usha says Kale Dada and Vahini were talking about your marriage. Have you all seen where we stand?

Sai says I am not going to marry Virat Chavan and moreover he may have gone to Nagpur now. He says now Virat will not leave without you. They all say Virat is best for you. They say they will help you fulfill Kamal sir’s promise. He will take care of you. Sai says you all gave me so much love. Usha Moushi can always be with me. Usha says yes but you need a life partner. Sai says, “I consider you all family. But as soon as my father died, you made me an outsider and you all want me to marry the person I hate the most.” She cries and runs away.

.Sai comes to Virat and says why do you want to ruin my life. What does this mean for you? Sai says I don’t want to marry you. Why don’t you listen to me now? Virat says this is not my decision. Milind Kaka, Kale Usha Moushi I want to marry you all. Sai says how can anyone force you. You ACP nobody can force you. Virat says I am fulfilling my duty and promise. Sai says I will help you escape Gadchiroli, run away from here. Virat says I am not running away from here. No one pressed me, Virat says, it was my decision to marry you. Sai asks why? Sai says I never want to get married. I always wanted to be with my dad.

As Virat says, it is important for you to understand that life does not have what it has for you. I may never agree to marry you but I listen to everyone because they all love you so much. Says Sai but you don’t love me, Virat says I don’t hate you. I know you hated me from the day I got here, ”says Virat. Sai says you have saved my life twice from Jattab and once yesterday. Save my life again by saying no now. Please say no and leave for Nagpur. Sai says I don’t want to break everyone’s heart. What does Sakhi ask about Pakhi? What if she knew you were getting married? I know she is your best friend but she seems to be a special friend when you talk to her.

Virat says I will take care of you. Don’t expect anything else from me. I have already promised my love to someone else. Sai says I go home on my own, sit in the car I leave you home, Virat says. Sai asks I tell you the truth of something. What do you say to Pakhi? Virat asks what answer do you want me to give. Virat says that the most important thing for me now is to fulfill Kamal sir’s promise. Sai says I said yes to this marriage under stress, don’t even expect me to be your wife. Sai says you still have time, I don’t want you to break one promise of fulfilling another. Virat stops the car and looks at her.

PreCap – Same as last day. Virat asks Sunny to come to Gadchiroli before morning and bring Paki with him. Sunny requests the family’s permission to take Paki with her. Bhawani says what Pakhi does there.