Glamor, Marriage Hall SDM Pinky Meena’s groom has not been reached, then know what happened

Pinkie Meena wedding: SDM Pinki Meena married Justice Narendra Kumar on the occasion of Basant Panchami. However, the wedding could not be done with as much pretense as the bride had prepared. On February 16, the wedding hall was ready for the wedding, but it was learned that the procession would not be here. After this, the wedding took place in a simple ceremony at Pinky Meena’s house. It is being said that this decision was made to avoid media coverage. However, so far the statement of the bride or groom has not been disclosed. While thousands of weddings are held every year during the Basant Panchami, Pinki Meena’s marriage is in a special debate.

Pinky Meena will surrender again on February 21st after the wedding. He was released from the Rajasthan High Court after receiving 10 days’ bail. Following the release, a yellow rice ceremony was held on February 11, followed by Ban Sankari on the 12th. At the same time, there was a lot of vaccination on Valentine’s Day, known as the Festival of Lovers.

Following this, Pinki Meena joined Judge Narendra Kumar at a wedding ceremony in Dausa district. After 5 days of marriage, she is back behind bars. However, he is being held on bail again on February 22. In such a situation, it remains to be seen whether or not they will be compensated by the court.

Pinky Meena wedding news

Pinki Meena was arrested on January 15 for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 10 lakh from a contractor working on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. Rajasthan Corruption Squad had taken action against him on the basis of a complaint and he was arrested as a Red Hand. The issue has been under discussion ever since. He was placed in Jaipur’s Ghatgate Jail. ACB Manish Agarwal and Dausa SP were also involved in the case. IPS Manish Agarwal is accused of bribing 38 lakhs.