Gold Price Review: Before Gold Reaches 55000, Buy Before All Time Maximum Still 7600 Cheap

Gold has been the worst in the last 30 years, but now gold prices are starting to rise again. If its price increases this time, it will soon break its previous record (Rs 56254 per 10 grams) amid the second wave of corona, soaring 24 carat gold to Rs 1863 in bullion markets so far this month. At the same time, silver is expensive at Rs 2700.

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If we talk last week, gold is trading at Rs 101, while silver is Rs 1041. As of 2021, gold has now been reduced to Rs 1548 per 10 grams while silver has risen to Rs 3117. In bullion markets, the price of 24 carat gold dropped to an all-time high of Rs 7600 last year. At the same time, silver is cheaper at Rs 5508 per kg due to last year’s high prices.

Gold and silver are moving this month

Date 10 per gram in the evening

Evening price of silver is Rs

28 May 2021 48654 70500
27 May 2021 48810 70650
26 May 2021 49195 71866
25 May 2021 48664 70814
24 May 2021 48672 71075
21 May 2021 48553 71245
30 April 2021 46791 67800
31 December 2020 50202 67383
7 August 2020 56126 75013

Source: IBJA

How far gold can go

Despite the corona crisis, gold remains an investor-preferred medium and will continue to grow in the long term, says Anuj Gupta, vice president (commodity and currency) of IIFL. By Diwali this year, gold could again reach Rs 55,000, he says. At the same time, according to Kedia Commodities Director Ajay Kedia, gold can go from 55000 to 60000 rupees per 10 grams. At the same time, silver can stay between 68000 and 72000.

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