Good news for PUBG fans, Battlefield Mobile India has said this great thing about the release date

The Desi Pabzi Battlefield Mobile India game is set to launch in India soon. The game has only a few days left to go back. When the teaser poster was released, Crafton, maker of Battle Ground Mobile India, said it was time to launch the game. He wrote on the poster, “It’s almost time.” While Crofton has not yet revealed the release date of Battlefield Mobile India, the game could be released on June 18, if reports are to be believed so far.

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This information is from the teasers that have come so far
No specific details have been revealed from this latest teaser. The teaser for Battleground Mobile India has been released to greet fans at the launch. However, from the previous teaser, Crofton shared a lot of information about the game, including map, vehicle and pre-registration information for the game.

The game is mired in these difficulties
Comparing Battlefield Mobile India with PUBG Mobile may be a reverse for the company. This is because the demand for banning Battlefield Mobile India is also on the rise. Many believe that the upcoming game is nothing more than a recurring PUBG mobile. All the features Crofton has revealed so far are similar to PUBG Mobile. For all these reasons, it is still doubtful whether Battlefield Mobile India will be approved to launch in India. We hope Crofton will soon announce the release date of this game as the youngsters are eagerly awaiting the game.

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Launched June 18th
The launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the newest incarnation of PUBG Mobile, may be June 18. The popular tipster @GHATAK_official has also reported that the game’s launch will occur in the third week of June. However, as of Crofton, no official date has been announced.

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