Great Card Games You Can Play with Stuff You Already Have

Sometimes all one needs is to be able to play anytime anywhere! Whether it is during recess at college or a little free time at work or while having dinner at a restaurant with family and friends. Most of the time we prefer games that are quick, hassle-free and don’t require a lot of things to play. 

Coins, Pen, Paper, A Book, Cards are few such things that almost everybody surely does have. 

Here are five such card games you can play with your friends with just about nothing, the fun is guaranteed and unlimited. 😀

1. Cribbage 

One such game that is suitable for most age groups is Cribbage. Played by two or more players, cribbage, is a fun card game. And therefore, all you require for this game is a set of cards which almost all households usually have. 

Cribbage is also quite well known among people but for the ones who aren’t familiar with it here’s a little breakdown of how the game is played. 

The main idea is for the players to play their cards in the correct order of sequence i.e. if one player brings the total of the cards to 15, you score one point and if you bring the total to about 30 then you would score two points. 

It’s a fun game that can be played anytime anywhere with family and friends. Once you start playing this game you will also lose track of the time- it’s a complete mood setter.

2. Cannasta  

Played between two or six players, Cannasta is a card game that can be played if you have two decks of cards. 

The game basically tests your speed as all one has to do is collect sets of seven cards. Make sure you’re faster than the other players!

Say you’re having a small get together at home and need something to lighten up the mood to act as a mood setter then remove your decks and play Canasta. It is a great game to socialize with. 

3. Sprouts 

Oh no! This isn’t the one you eat… Just kidding 😉

Grab a pen and a paper and voila! That is all you require for this game. Sprouts does seem easy but it gets tough as the play intensifies. So, hold on. 

To put it in simpler terms, Sprouts is a game where you must connect the dots drawn on the paper. At the start, players draw a couple of dots on the paper which later they will have to connect. Remember, you can only connect two dots but cannot cross over an existing line or overlap over any line. Yes, during the process there will be a couple of dots that won’t be able to connect hence, they’ll be marked as “X”. A clear winner would be the one who leaves the other people without any more chances to connect the dots. 

4. Bridge

On the list we have Bridge, a card game that certainly does require a lot of thinking. It surely will lead you to using your brain in a totally different way for the game. 

Played by four players, this card game is a tricky one- quite literally.  i.e it is a trick-taking game!

Here, what you’ll need and how it is to be played. A set of cards to begin with! It starts by one player disturbing 13 cards each to the players playing. Remember, they have to be dealt face down. The objective here is to make a bid and score or defeat the opponents bridge and score. The bidding happens on the sets and sequences you have.

Try this game variation out because it can be played literally anywhere, at any table.

5. Rummy

A skill-based card game that requires no introduction whatsoever has to be Rummy. We all are aware of this card game. 

Rummy does have a traditional and a modern way of playing it. The Traditional one is where you can play it in person with people at home or wherever while the modem one is the online method. 

Since now we’re talking about playing card games with stuff you already have then we suppose you have two full decks of cards at home. Then, you can play rummy on mobile which mean you play anywhere. 

Like Bridge, 13 cards are dealt face down in rummy as well. Players have to pick, discard and make valid sequences and then declare. Whoever does manage to do all this the fastest gets to be the winner. There are a bunch of variations when it comes to rummy so you can take a pick!

Few games are creative, and few are strategic but all of them are FUN! Some of the games mentioned might seem new to you while some might be familiar to you. The next time you’re at home with friends or cousin or whoever and want to pass time but have fun then try out one of these games. We assure you; you won’t be disappointed. 

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