Gruha Laxmi 23 November 2020 Deepak comes to Anand Nilayam and asks why Lassa is staying in this house

Gruha Laxmi 23 November 2020 Deepak comes to Anand Nilayam and asks why Lassa is staying in this house

The episode begins with Prem trying to get through Lasya but Nandi stops him, Abhi Prem scolds Prem for creating upset over a minor issue. Prem says it’s a small thing for you, Mum is in tears, so who’s behind mom and dad? How can you say it’s a small thing?

If something happens to Abhi you can’t change anything, then why do you create drama! Lasia instigates Anasuya against Tulsi, first look at Aunty and say, “Save me as she favors me and create the best image infront of you all. But after Prem comes home she protests against me and throw me out if anyone has doubts on her.”

I don’t think Tulasi says, I can’t do anything if you consider yourself like that. Look at aunty who did you good for Lasya but back then she doubted your character, which is why we should not help disqualify Ankita. Lacia gets angry by listening to Ankita and by saying your words I don’t want you here I am leaving!

Anasuya thinks everyone is sending Lasya out of the house, I have to do something before they throw Lasya out of them! She plays the play, which means she’s in a panic attack and pleads with Tulsi to convince Prem that Lacia is here alone.

Tulsi Leave It Premium Now We Can’t Change Nothing Let Lasia Be Only Here.

Prem sitting in the living room, tuning in and asking what happened, why are you so low today? Prem says what happened at Anand Nilayam. Prem my father never cared about me, he was always useless to me, every day to comfort me and to pour out my love for her and to encourage me about my small achievement, which is why I am so close to my mother, I have created a very strong bond with my mum Once my dad hugged me and congratulated me on singing well, I thought everything was fine that day and I could get a share of love daddy but after Lasya entered, everything changed. Get ready to marry her by giving her a pledge. Think about how it feels by looking together under one roof.

The ghost says I can understand your pain and yours is only right but Tulsi aunty says why don’t you do it because she has someone to understand her but you have quarreled with lasya and you have hurt her with your anger.

Prem says sorry I can’t think of anything in my anger to see the presence of lust in Anand’s dormitory. Shruti already thinks Prem is having a lot of problems, I have another trouble with him, I don’t want to create more problems in his life by staying here, I need to get out of here as soon as possible.

There is a pity on the father that Tulsi cannot do anything. Do not think of Tulsi as your uncle. You only trusted me and wrote it in my name. I can only keep this family as a trust, trust me and be my uncle. You are my uncle for the namespace but what you are doing now is fighting for the happiness of his daughter, which means when you think that you are doing my own injustice and fighting with me, you are against your own son.

Nandu’s father says what can I do but does not make you happy My dear, I am helpless to understand your importance and I will stop giving you witchcraft or I will not change you behavior! Don’t blame it on you uncle, don’t prefer me to lassia or Anasuya wants to marry on lasya and you can’t do anything when your son isn’t alone. You leave this uncle alone. It only affects your health .

Madhavi comes to Anand Nilayam when she learns that Anasuya is not good. Madhavi asks you what your health is like now! Anasuya says dramatically that I am correct now but I do not know how long I will be before I wish to see Nandu and Lasya’s wedding, you will realize that Madhavi is angry by hearing her words and you will never change your time.

Why bother Amma with Lasya and Madhavi? Madhavi Leave it to you, my dear brother, how do you bring this Lawyer to Anand Nilayam and stay under the same roof that Tulsi has endured for years? I promised Lasya that I would protect her so Nandu says she will stay here with me!

Madhavi confronts Nandu It is strange to hear a word of promise from your mouth. What about your marriage to Tulsi? What about the promises you made to her during these 25 years of your married life? Madhavi gets drumstick on questions.

PreCap: Deepak comes to Anand Nilayam and asks why Lassa is staying in this house, which leads to a heated argument between Nandu and Deepak, all trying to stop them.