Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd November 2020 Written Update

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd November 2020 Written Update

The episode begins with Guddan throwing water on the brooch and slapping both of her cheeks, trying to hurt her by thinking that Souti Maud has done all this but she is shocked to see Choti Gooden tying her hands and legs. Saru listens to the sound of Maa Guddan and receives Fright Rans from Choti Guddan chambers.

Gooden comes out of hiding and tells Gooden that no one can do anything while your mother is with you. Saru Ma and Sona continue chanting mantras for fear of the presence of a goodman spirit in the Birla house, but Nia and Poosha are not convinced by the words there and as they say this is absolutely no illusion in your Birla house. Somehow Saru Maa and Sona Pushpa persuade him to organize a technical puja, to find out whether the soul of the goodman really is at home or not.

Tia performs Tantra worship by chanting tantras, Nia comes there with a face full of flames, Sona is terrified of seeing Nia in that way and calls her a ghost, Nia gets angry by hearing Sona’s word and listens to what Pushpa is saying and how can you believe in all these stupid moot beliefs. Pushpa you are right Nia all this Pooja and Havan are useless nothing to do with Pooja, all this is Choti Gooden’s game I am going to finish her today somehow you will continue your worship or whatever.

Pushpa marches to Choti Gooden’s room with a knife in his hand! On the other hand, Saru Maa and Sona come face to face in the Guddan Durga Ma Avatar, a technician doing the trick to capture the soul of the Goodman, while the Goodman Saru Ma and Sona look terrified and shout in disgust by asking there. Pushpa gets confused by asking where in the Durga Ma avatar, Gooden says you hurt the mother by hurting the baby Now this Durga Ma teaches you all the lessons. Pushpa and the gang are scared to hell by hearing the word Gooden. Sona tells Saru Ma to do something but Saru Ma says she cannot do anything in front of Durga Ma.

Suddenly the lights burn and Gooddon moves from there, Pushpa and the gang find Guddan nowhere in the house and are terrified of death and begin to leave Birla’s house. At the same time, Agastya enters the house and all of them receive fear and tension and shout at the presence of Agastya at the same time.

Agastya asks Pushpa and the gang, “Why are you shouting this by looking at me? You people have seen some demon or what and start laughing.” He lovingly brought Choti Gooden to Pushpa on the Agastya show, before Pushpa responded to him, his eyes falling on Nia and Pushpa questioning what he was doing here.

Mom has already told you that I do not want to see my goodman or even her shadow next to the baby but now you have allowed her in this house how can you answer me! Nia says I will answer you I came to Havan about the wellness of Chosty Gooddon and her unborn child and that Choti Gooden must recover as soon as she realizes my mistakes. I am ashamed of myself for hurting Goodman, so I am doing this Havan in her name. Pushpa Support Nia, Agastya Okay Mom is supporting you that is why I left last time but I don’t know what to do with you if you don’t come near Choti Gooden again or not.

Agastya goes to Choti Guddan and he is glad to have met with an Ayurvedic doctor today and bought the oil for you to massage your legs, once you start applying this oil you will be fine. I know you’ve been in a lot of trouble since I entered your life but Goodman I have changed for you, your love for me changed me and I promise you that I will protect you and our baby from every evil and obstacle. I have a last chance and get up quickly. No longer looking like this, Choti Gooden.

Agastya says I bought something for you, you want to see it? Choti Gooden nodes, Agastya says ok but close your eyes before that! Choti Gooden closes her eyes and Agastya adorns the anklets to the foot of Choti Gooden (the song plays in the background) and then he massages her legs with ayurvedic oil.