Hamariwali Good News 12th February 2021 Written Episode Update

Hamariwali Good News 12th February 2021 Written Episode Update

Hamariwali Good News 12 February 2021 Episode Mukund begins by saying that I cannot forget anything, whatever you do with Sumitra, I love my sister, even though she is my stepmother, I consider her more than the Lord. Renuka asks her to ask herself, what is visible is true, which may be wrong. They say don’t explain me, that’s all I can forget. She asks if you will marry me on Sumitra’s statement, I respect you and always do, because I have always loved you. He says I will clear up your misunderstanding.

Gautam scolds Adi for leaving the job. Navya got 4 lakhs for your work, how does she pay off the debt if you don’t make money, she says you will not get back the commission money. Adi says I’m alive, throwing money at everyone’s face. Gautam asks how you get the money. Adi says I will get money in one day. Gautam asks if you rob the bank. Adi take me to gambling, says I earn there. Gautam says you have to bet money first. Adi says I will arrange the money, I will not demand a novelty. Kusum, Navya and the ladies come to the ashram. Kusum says my friend is getting married today, he wanted to put Mata Ki Chowki in the ashram today. The ashram woman says its good. Kusum asks the woman to keep the lust and then they do the kirtan. Kusum thinks where Navya is. She calls it Navya. Navya says I will meet you soon, be there, I am here. Kusum says come soon.

Kusum and the ladies sing psalms. They take things in the Navya Ashram. She goes to check on Sukanya. The woman asks the warden to leave Sukanya hungry and bring everyone out. Navya goes to the room. She prays. Sumitra shows Renuka an expensive sari and jewelry. She asks Renuka to say something. Renuka says this is not necessary, I wear my wedding saree and jewelery as before. Sumitra says people make fun of me if you don’t wear good clothes and jewelry. Adi comes home and sees the jewelry. Love asks where Navya is. Adi says I don’t know. Navya entered the room. She looks at Sukanya and goes to Moore. She puts her in a big basket. She thinks how can I get her out of here. Renuka says I sent her to the temple. Sumitra feels good to me. Sumitra asks Preity to play Dhol. Renuka looks at Vrinda. Adi takes Navya’s jewelry. Everyone dances on Dhol. Navya takes Sukanya to the van. Sumitra Mukund makes Arati and gives the chain a gift. She asks everyone to groom the groom.

Adi says her home jewelry, I am not selling it, mortgaged it, I will free it soon. He gets money from jewelry merchants. Sumitra calls out Renuka. Mukund looks at Renuka. Renuka thinks Navya will come with Sukanya anytime. Renuka is congratulated by Sumitra. She sarees at the wedding. She gives him a throat. Mukund and Renuka exchange rings. Preethi teases Mukund. Everyone laughs. Sumitra asks Mukund and Renuka not to see each other until they are married. Renuka wonders why Navya came so late. The attack on Navya is unconscious.


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Release Date:12 February 2021
Issuer:T ಟಿವಿ TV and 5 5 5

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