Hamariwali Good News 9th December 2020 Written Update: Alok asking the pastor to begin the wedding ceremony process

Hamariwali Good News 9th December 2020 Written Update: Alok asking the pastor to begin the wedding ceremony process. Suddenly the women of the women’s organization entered the wedding venue and asked everyone not to keep up with the wedding rituals. He begins to speak against Sanjay and defends Alok and begins to speak out against the people of the women assembly.

We’ve already heard a lot about this guy inside and out and don’t talk like this and tell everyone that they are cheating here and ruining the life of this girl they are marrying. He says he already has an extra-marital relationship outside of marriage. Alok says he is a very respectable man and holds a high status in society.

Alok tells him you all feel bad and nothing like this is happening. Alok raises that he is a respected citizen of the society and that is why you and all of you can get behind bars. Suddenly a policewoman brings Aishwarya there and she tells Sanjay that I know you very well.

Sanjay is shocked to see her and he is trying to avoid eye contact with her. A police officer has claimed that Sanjay is a girl who bought a flat in her name and they have a love affair. Sanjay denies that he knows Aishwarya and I know nothing about this girl.

“If Aishwarya is lying, we will file an FIR against her and throw her behind bars,” the women’s commission said. Meanwhile, Mukund recalls seeing the girl in Sanjay’s car and he is getting suspicious of Sanjay. Aishwarya please don’t arrest me because I have nothing wrong with all this and Sanjay has exposed him in front of everyone and he has revealed his first wife to everything that Witch ceded because she knows our love affair and he blamed her for infertility.

The commission’s woman accuses Sumitra of retreating and claims to be forcing her to marry Anchal, who shoots her with boots and makes her wear a shoe necklace and makes her face black. She gets angry but says nothing to them and told me I don’t know the whole thing and the marriage has stopped and if this is true what you are saying I will not proceed with this alliance.

On the other hand, Navya and Aditya are struggling to break free from the clutches of Alok sent by them. Adi manages to free himself but one of them hits him with a rod in his head. They took Navya with her and Adi can’t save her. Sanjay threatens Alok after all that has happened.

Sumitra then accuses Renuka of creating chaos in her marriage and tells Mukund that she did it on purpose and is not afraid to tell me the truth beforehand. Renuka claims that Sumitra was aware of the truth but she has refused to cancel the marriage. Mukund does not believe her and says you are a liar.

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