Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update Full Episode

Hapu Ki Ultan Palton 19 October 2020 Written Update

Hapu ki Ultan Paltan 19 October 2020 issue begins by asking Rajjo Kamlesh, How is the trunk missing? Chumchi asks to tell him. Kamalesh gets tense. Chumchi asks to really tell him how long he went out? Malaika says you are out. Kat took Kamlesh out for a few minutes. Then I went back and saved you, ”says Kamlesh. Chumchi says you are bad guards and tells her to answer the nanny when she returns. Beni comes to the police complaint and complains to Hapu about the missing trunk; He asks Chumchi to sit down. Chumchi asks him to sit down. Bemi says I don’t sit in front of my client. Chamchi says she has come to complain as she has stolen 5 lakh RS and some jewelery in the trunk. Happu asks if anyone has any doubts. Chumchi gives his explanation in bad taste. Hapu asks if you have met him? Chanchi says my father and his name is Hapu Singh, a corrupt police officer. Hapu asks if you have doubts on your father. They say yes, 100 percent sure. Manohar says you are in the custody of Hapu Singh.

Malaika listens to Ranbir and Hrithik talking about stealing somebody’s trunk. She takes them to the PS and she says they will grind there. Hrithik and Ranbir ask her not to do this and she is ready to do what she says.

Hapu is shocked by the fact that Chumchi has been accused of his theft. Rajjo asks Hapu to sue Chamchi. What does Beni ask? You file a case against your daughter. Then Chamchi says who steals? “I prefer to die rather than doubt,” says Hapu. Malaika brings her brothers there. Hrithik says he stole the trunk to help get promoted, but the man wearing the mask came and stole it. Manohar calls Hapu and tells him that there is a good news and that the man who promised to do your campaign is actually cheated and trapped. They say your 5 lakh is saved. Hapu thanks them and says it was stolen even though they saved money. Beni tells him that it is not a hooligan, but a mask who stole the trunk. They say they kept it in their home. Rajo thanks Beni.

Mummy asked her to read another letter, as Bernie said. He says Chumchi is no longer the head of the family and the new head of the family is Kat. Kat is delighted and says everyone should speak in English.

Later, Hapu talks to Atbeer Mama, saying that Mum vomited and massaged Rajzo’s bedsheet. Rajjo comes in and tells her to go to Maka. Hapu tells Mama that he will talk later. Rajjo says she works hard in the morning and asks what she got in return. Hapu says you are the head of the house. Razzo says I think of being a servant and working the whole day nonstop. Hapu tries to lure her with her butter talks. Rajo asks him to look at the picture. He says he should go on duty in the morning.

Rajjo scolds Hapu. Hrithik says that even Hapu scolds him and says that they are the same. Rajzo says your father is just interested in biology. Happu asks what the children are saying in front of them. Amma asking Rajzo what happened? Hapu gets upset and tells Rajo that he was forced to leave, but he has no time. Mama takes a stand on Rajjo’s behalf and asks her to take him outside. Who will take care of the country? Hrithik says how can a mummy stay with a boring man like you. Hapu says the demons are teaching their father. Mum asks him what he thinks. Hapu comes to Dabang Inspector near PS and speaks to Manohar.