Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja giving Mada a kada

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja giving Mada a kada

The episode begins with Raja giving Mada a kada. Mum refuses to drink. Rajzo says you got sick last winter. Hapu asks her to shut her nose and drink. Mum says you are torturing me. Ranbir, Hrithik and Chamchi get ready to go to school. They urge Hapu to raise their pocket money. Happu defied his demand. Ranbir says we won’t go to school then? Hrithik says we need Rs 50 a day and go.

Have you ever paid me Rs 5? 5 Rs 500 at the time. Gupta Ji comes there and says the election of the Society Chairman is near. Hapu says I cannot take responsibility. Gupta ji says if mum or rajesh stand in polls. Hapu says Raju has no time and has many responsibilities of 9 children. They say mum has pain in the legs. Rajo and Mum refuse to stand for election. Mum gives him tea and biscuits.

Dada Ji says he is busy with the election. Amma tells Dada ji that Gupta came today and told her about the election. Dada Ji asks him to stand for election. Amma says she gets a bad name. Da Ji dreams of seeing her picture in the newspaper and then she has to do many things, fix the lights, clean the roads and swatch the gutter. Mum put him in the gutter and told her. Rajzo talks to Babita. Babita says she is president in her social election and asks him to stand in the polls, but Rajo refused.

Hapu tells Manohar that Gupta came home today and asked him to become the president of the society, but he refused. He tells her that his family runs on 4 wheels and when he refuses, Mum and Rajzo refuse too. Manohar says I got it. Hapu asks her to take tuition from him for a happy life. Manohar says he is happy with his life.

Hapu asks if Rajjo has come? Hapu says this is my clone. Rajzo tells her that she has good news and that she has decided to run for election for the presidency / presidency. She says Babita understands her. Hapu thinks he doesn’t like Babita. Rajo asks him to handle mum and he says I love you. Hapu says I love you too. He comes to Mum and says you have good news.

Mum slaps him and says there are already 9 good news at home. Hapu asks her to listen first. Mum asks him to tell her. Hapu says your bahu is fighting the election as Babita convinced him. Amma says let’s fight her in the election, but I get tea on time. Hapu asks if you are not upset. Amma says no. Hapu goes to drink at Beni’s house. Amma tells her that she is standing for election. Dada Ji asks him to stand for election.

Kamalesh tells Kat to say sorry as Bhavana says it is like Kat’s English municipality. Kat says his English is like Shakespeare’s English. Kamalesh says he sings Jingle. He sings jingles and says that Kamalesh and Kat’s friendship will never break.

Gupta comes to Hapu’s house. Ranbir and Hrithik vote for Rajesh. Gupta says you will become a good politician. Razzo says politics is in her blood and she says she inherited it from her ancestors. Hapu says his grandfather’s parents fought for freedom and got lathi. Gupta Ji says there is no opposition so we will win her over. He was going to announce her as a winner, when Chamchi came there and told him that Katori Devi / Amma was standing in the polls. Rajjo and Hapu are sho-cked.