HD Kumaraswamy: Retrieve land orders for other offices in Bangalore VV: HDK demands –

Bangalore:Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy has expressed outrage over the government’s decision to allocate a total of 32 acres in Bangalore University campus to Yogvi, Gulbarga VV and CBSC offices, demanding that the government withdraw its order immediately.

Former CM HD Kumaraswamy, who tweeted about this, said the government’s decision to allocate a total of 32 acres of the campus of Bangalore University, a biodiversity hotspot, to Yoga VV and two other institutions should be withdrawn immediately. Environmentalists have been working diligently for nearly two decades, fearing that the government’s decision to bring the site back to the biodiversity site without any consultation is dangerous.

Already eclipsed by the government’s decision, senior ecologist Yallappareddy has announced his resentment by returning the government’s honorary doctorate. Eco-lovers have expressed their support for the project, saying that the 15 acres of Yoga Vivi, 15 acres of Gulbarga Vivi and 2 acres of the CBSC South India office will make the Bangalore VV campus concrete. The government is demanding that the biodiversity site be saved by giving these institutions elsewhere.

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The VVI and the government’s move to give land to three institutions in the last 20 years in cooperation with the students and the public of the Bangalore VV National Service Scheme is reprehensible. The former CM said that this would destroy the entire plant wealth as “a year for the potter and a minute for the coconut.”

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The former Vice Chancellor, Dr. K. Siddappa, had run the biodiversity project, hoping that it would become an open laboratory. Hundreds of researches are now being made in the field of botany, zoology, geology, ecology and social sciences. Such a site should not be devastated. Must be saved for the next generation. Former CM Kumaraswamy has urged the government to develop it.

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