Here is How You Can Achieve the Perfect Dressy Sneaker Look

Casual footwear has travelled far beyond simplicity while protecting the feet in all environments. The straightjacket shoe concept is passé, and today’s casuals have a distinctive flavour touching the young and old, men and women. Thus, casuals encompass all footwear as people’s taste keeps evolving. They arrive in numerous designs, styles, shapes, and sizes.

Today casual footwear is unique, relaxed, and elegant. Besides, casual shoes for women and men offer style statements in canvas, boats, loafers, corporate sneakers. In addition, you get sneakers exclusive to women ethnic footwear matching different festive silhouettes. Thus, sneakers are a ubiquitous fashion accessory. 

What are sneakers?

Gone are the initial days when the sneakers arrived purpose-built for athletes and sportspersons. Today, it is every man and woman’s wardrobe staple. Thus, it symbolizes your expressions. Therefore, sneakers are for the daring and game-changers love the fashionable, yet are uncompromising about comfort. So, look fabulous picking your sneaker in harmony with comfort and taste to accentuate your confidence.  

How to choose your favourite sneaker?

Sneakers offer countless options in style and materials, making it hard to know what suits your taste and wardrobe. These days, you get sneakers in various shapes and sizes. In addition, sneakers have everything from plain canvas to fine leather, minimalist to metal high-technology fastenings. So, the guide below explains styling your sneakers and trainers while hunting for dil ki deal offers on casual shoes for women and men. 

  1. Regular Sneakers: Canvas colours are typical to classify as converse and vans. They work well with almost anything though affordable and easy-to-wear. 
  2. Refined Luxury Sneakers: The expensive versions of “plimsolls,” often using suede or leather.
  3. Classic Sports Sneakers: Has come a long way from the sports track and field to find a place in your home as a wardrobe accessory. 
  4. Modern Sports Sneakers: The USP is their contemporary styling and shapes in the global brand varieties. 
  5. Hiking Sneakers: The sneaker designs are for the rugged, adventurous type yet finds a place in mainstream fashion. 
  6. Luxury Techwear: These sneakers push the horizons to blend with high-fashion and aesthetics for an authentic style statement. 

How to style your sneakers?

Pairing your chosen sneakers with your wardrobe is far trickier than picking up at random whatever catches your fancy. It is not about paring the sneaker with any jeans but a fine art exploring the craft for aesthetics and elegance. 

Classic Sneakers: The most versatile casual sneakers are Lows, Clucks, and Kicks and are ideal for pairing with casual wear. Accordingly, choose denim, chinos, and shorts of any colour or shade. However, you get unstuck in events that are not casual. So stick to the printed tee or gingham shorts for the right look. So try the following.

  • Skinny denim and chinos
  • Adhere to  the casual events rule
  • It suits the young most

Luxury Sneakers:  The specimen catapults you straight from street-casual to smart-casual without compromising your demeanour. It goes famously with tailored trousers, slim denim, chinos, and even casual-wear suiting. Thus, try the following: 

  • A basic tee and smart shirts for the refined look
  • Start with black but switch to colours
  • Try the  suede sparingly
  • Stick to the brighter pairs for the summer holidays

Classic Sports Sneakers: Superstars of the sneaker revolution for the street and the trendy. Complement your purchases with your style and colour-match with a sense of purpose and cohesiveness. Therefore, consider a few points.

  • Choose your style and stick to them
  • Colour-matching is essential whenever you can
  • Works famously with  chinos when warm

Modern Sports Sneakers: Stick to the low profile with a fashionable edge to work best on tracksuits. Or you can try the slim chinos or the elastic cuff variant for the gym and weekend outdoors. Try the listed looks.

  • Stick to sporty Tees
  • Tucked shirt appearance is a strict no
  • Look sporty to complement with the shoe

High-Tech Sneakers: Only a few dare try the sneakers working with drapey and long dresses. Black is best in this category to draw eyeballs to your shoe while donning a muted attire. So, the points to try out are:

  • Stick to black and only black
  • Ideal for long and draped clothing style
  • Revel  in the people’s comments

Bridal Sneakers: New age Indian brides are catching fancy for sneakers over the traditional making an emphatic style statement. Instead of the ornately heeled footwear, the new women’s ethnic footwear in the wedding segment relies on embroidery and crystalline trimmings matching the bridal lehenga. Indeed, they are designer sneakers not for the faint of heart. However, the expensive versions are getting louder patronage as the cost of regular bridal stilettos. 

Wrapping Up:

Fashion is dynamic and rapidly finding traction across wardrobes. As a result, today’s casual shoes for women and men come in ever-changing styles, textures, materials, and colours. The changing attitude complements the sneaker’s dominance in the footwear category, whether Western dress or traditional Indian wear. Thus, today, you find sneakers accompanying pants and tops, with the salwar kurta, lehenga, and sarees, whatever the occasion. 

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