Hidden Dangers of Getting Inked or Tattooing: Understand risks and precautions while having tatto on body Tattooing also can lead skin diseases and heart problems

Hidden Dangers of Getting Inked or Tattooing: If you are fond of getting tattoos too, be careful. Tattoo fondness can be heavy on your heart. A recent research has revealed that getting tattooed increases the chances of heart injury. Tattooed skin does not sweat much and reduces the ability of the body to cool and it damages the heart. This research has been published in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Sweat glands become damaged-
Normal sweating helps control body temperature. The eccrine sweat glands found throughout the body produce water-based sweating mainly to cool the body. Damage to the eccrine glands may impair the response to sweating, which in turn may increase the risk of increased heat. Previous studies have found that the amount of sodium in sweat in tattooed skin is high, which suggests that the function of eccrine sweat ducts is reduced. The tattoo-making process requires 3,000 punctures per minute on the skin, which can result in damage to the sweat gland.

This is how research was done.
Researchers studied participants with tattoos made on the upper or lower arms, measuring at least 5.6 square centimeters and surrounding areas of non-tattooed skin. To create full body sweating, participants wore a perfusion suit in which hot water with a temperature of 120 ° F was circulated for 30 minutes. The research team measured the internal body temperature and sweat rate of the participants and on both the tattooed and non-tattooed areas of the skin on the same arm.

Researchers also used laser techniques to measure blood flow to the skin. However, blood flow measures were not found to be reliable due to the reflective or absorbent properties of the ink used in the participants’ tattoos. Small tattoos interfere less with body temperature regulation, the researchers wrote. But large tattoos on the body can spoil the temperature regulation process.

There is an increased risk of heart attack-
Body temperature starts to increase due to less sweating due to tattoos. This increases the likelihood of hyperthermia or heat heart attack. This heart attack is fatal. This heart attack occurs when the body temperature goes above 40 ° C. This type of heart attack requires early treatment. Even if the patient recovers from this heart attack, his heart suffers heavy damage and the injury to the heart does not heal quickly.

Getting Tattoos Deadly
According to research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, the skin on which the tattoo is made reduces the ability to sweat. This does not reduce the body temperature. The researchers said, data from this research shows that the tattoo making process adversely affects the eccrine gland and in the long run it can prove to be quite fatal for the body.


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