Hindustan Olympiad 2021: Examine children’s talents, register by February 8th

Hindustan Olympiad, one of the largest Olympiads in the world, is a great and great platform to showcase and showcase your talent to school-age children. The test is conducted independently by HT Media Limited. Since its launch in 2015, more than 15,000 schools in the Hindi belt states and over seven lakh students – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand – have expressed immense confidence in the Olympiad. It provides a unique platform for students to compete healthily with one another. Unlike other ‘one-subject’ exams, Hindustan Olympiad assesses students ’academic ability in all major disciplines. Trophy and scholarships will be awarded to top students in the state and district. Certificates and performance reports will be issued to all participants. With the support of its partner schools, Hindustan Olympiad is a school-level educational program.

Opportunity for students
This allows students to test their academic qualifications. Students will be informed about their rank and where they are lacking. With this they can plan to prepare themselves for the future. The test is online, which they can easily offer from home. Students will receive certificates, trophies and their profiles will also be published in the media.

Schools Opportunity:
Through this Olympiad, schools get the opportunity to connect with a reputable media organization. Their profile will be published in the media. They get widespread exposure based on performance.

For parents
If parents encourage their children to participate in the Olympiad, their children will be able to participate in high quality testing.

The organizing process is as follows
– This year’s Hindustan Olympiad will be held in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand, as well as Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Chandigarh.
– The test will be held from February 12 to February 28 and the winners’ honors ceremony will be held online March 6/7.
– Tests will be conducted online keeping in mind the rules of social exclusion.
Hindustan Olympiad is a two-stage test that runs from first to 12th grade. Examination will be allowed in the first phase by looking at the book so that the maximum number of children can be encouraged to participate. The top 10% of first-tier children get the opportunity to sit the second-tier exam, where they have to take the online test.

May include
Hindustan Olympiad Website for Students First www.hindustanolympiad.in You have to go and register, their fee is Rs 200. After that they can choose the date and time-place of their choice and sit comfortably at home and take the test.

Important dates
– Registration: 8th February 2021
– Exam date: February 12-28
– Online Honor Ceremony: 6-7 March 2021