Honda Cars’ big decision is to sell only electric vehicles after 2040

The demand and manufacture of electric cars is being emphasized all over the world, not just in India. Meanwhile, Japanese carmaker Honda Cars has made a big announcement. The company has decided that after 2040, Honda will only sell electric cars. This means that the company will not sell moving vehicles on conventional fuels after 2040. The new CEO of the company, Toshihiro Miebe, made the announcement. This is his first press conference since taking over the administration of the company.

Myb explained how the company achieves this goal. In fact, the company first tries to take the ratio of battery-electric vehicles and fuel cell-electric vehicles to 40% of total sales by 2030 in all major markets. This ratio will then be reduced to 80 per cent by 2035, and by 2040 the company will stop selling conventional fuel-powered vehicles.

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The first electric car came last year

Let us know that Honda unveiled its first electric car, the Honda E, last year. It is a small, compact model, built solely for urban driving. With a full charge, this car is only 280 km / h. Earlier this week, Honda E was awarded the World Urban Car of the Year.

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Honda has introduced the SUV E: prototype at the recent Shanghai Auto Show. This is the first of 10 electric vehicles the company plans to release in China over the next five years. In addition to the four wheels, Honda is also working on generating its two-wheelers. The company’s goal is to release three new electric models over the next three years.