Horoscope 17th Feb: Mars and Moon are doing amazing Lakshmi Yoga in Aries zodiac, Tula can inspire people, know the status of other zodiac signs

Planetary positionLakshmi Yoga of Mars and Moon is made in Aries. Amazing Yoga. Taurus Rahu. There are Ketu in Scorpio. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are in the constellation of Capricorn. Mercury retreat among them. The sun is moving in Aquarius.


Aries – wonderful. At this time, only positive energy will fill you. Soft power. He seems to be progressing in life. Health, love, business all look amazing. Something is going to be good. Keep the red item nearby.

TaurusYour mind will be disturbed by the expense. While there are costs in good work, these costs can break you. Some distance from the life partner is also visible. Health is almost fine. Love middle business good donate red thing

GeminiEconomic measures are strong. Stop money will be refunded. You will benefit from the journey. Love, business focused on health. Donate a red object

CancerThere are signs of victory in court-to-court. Ancestral property increases. Health, love, business is great. It is very good. Worship Bajrang Bali

LionessRecovered from danger. Health is good, business is very good, love is moving at a moderate pace. Control your anger a bit. Keep the red item close by.

MaidenA dangerous situation. Injuries can occur. May get into some trouble. Circumstances are hostile. Health, love, business focused on these three. Donate a red object

LibraFinding a partner will see progress in employment. Newcomer, newcomer, may come. Health, love and business are both wonderful. Worship Bajrang Bali

ScorpioThere is a little disturbing time. But you get the win. Returns with interest. Health is good despite the downside. The love middle business is great. Worship Bajrang Bali

SagittariusGood times for students. For those who train or take the test to get a uniform, this is the best time. A great time for those with ties to the military. Health is moderate. Love, business is very good. A great time to learn and read. Worship Bajrang Bali

NectarLand, building, vehicle purchase. Avoid returning. Pay attention to maternal health. Love is good, business is okay. Donate a red object

Kumbha heapStaying Power Healthy Love Can add some new chapters from the middle business perspective. Donate a red object

FishThere will be an increase in money and money to be rich, but avoid investing now. Avoid using strong language. Health, love, business looks amazing. Keep the red item close by.

Ajay Kumar Singh