Horoscope Dec 6: People in Aries need to avoid dissonance, focus on Gemini health, know the status of other zodiac signs

Planetary position -Rahu is in Taurus. The Moon is in the Cancer Zodiac. Today will be noon. Venus is in Libra. Sun, Mercury, Ketu are still in Scorpio. Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn. Mars is made of fish. The position of the planets is a little worse. Take care of yourself

Avoid Aries. Don’t fall in love with attention to health. Take the baby’s side well. Moderation is going on at the moment. Worship Lord Shiva.

Taurus will remain sour. However, your health is going well. Still, emotional turmoil can lead to creation. But you are powerful. Do not see any harm. Decide after consulting your people. Keep the green object close.

Focus on Gemini Health. The state of love is good. Time is good for students. It looks like you are making progress. The business situation is correcting. Give water to the sun God.

Good condition for cancer. All you need is accessibility in life. Money is coming. Businesses are in progress. You have come to the point of standing in a state of love. Keep the red item close by.

The problem of going to the lion goes away.You are recovering from a financial crisis. Do not get caught in love. Focus on the health of children. Take care of your health as well. The rest of the business suits you. Worship the sun god and offer him water. Keep the yellow object close by.

The mind will remain anxious. Though the economic situation seems to be strengthening, the mindset is concerned about spending. Love is the health media. You walk right from a business perspective. Keep the blue object close by.

The curved position is recovering business and the economy. Health is good. The state of love is in a state of change. But there’s no problem to be nice. Lord Shani worship.

Scorpio – Fortunately something good happens. There are chances of commercial success. Health is also good. The state of love is not very good. You have to cross a little. Keep the yellow object close by.

Sagittarius – You’re getting ahead of adversity. Love is good for health and your business situation is going well. Keep the red item close by. Add saffron tilak.

Capricorn – pay little attention. Conditions can be hostile. Love is good for health care From a business standpoint, you are doing well. Donate white items to focus on health

The time has come to live an aquarious-pleasant life. Staying colorful. The lover-girlfriend is about to meet. Married people get the right to a life partner. Health, love, business is all good. Keep the green object close.

Anti-Pisces are hidden. Focus on health Love status is good. Doing well from a business standpoint. Worship Shiva.

Ajay Kumar Singh