Horoscope February 10: Don’t take the risk of living in Gemini, fish zodiac signs can benefit, know the status of other zodiac signs

Planetary positionMars is in Aries. Rahu is in Taurus. Ketu Scorpio is in the zodiac. The remaining planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are in the constellation of Capricorn. This gathering of planets is not good for the balance of the masses. Very narrow. This is not called the right time.

There is a possibility of some loss from government machinery. Pay attention to Father’s health. Do not risk in court. Health is moderate because of the possibility of chest discomfort. Prem Madam is conjunct the Sun with other planets. Everything is visible in the middle. Give water to the sun God.

TaurusTake care that any kind of value is not dead. Health, love and business are moderate. Donate copper plate.

GeminiPay attention to your spouse’s health. Marriage can break. Do not take any risk on livelihood. There is a possibility of abdominal discomfort. Health, love, business middle. Worship Lord Vishnu. Keep any blue object close by.

CancerThere may be some problems in love. There may be a problem below the navel in health. There can be a kind of trouble in the business. Health does not appear to be good. Cross over from every perspective. Worship Lord Shiva.

LionessOpponents are numerous but there are many kinds of obstacles in your life. This thing should be borne in mind. The rest is not called a very dangerous time. Pay attention to love. Health and business is almost fine. Give water to the sun God.

MaidenPay attention to child health. Many kinds of dilemmas remain in mind. There will be a situation like depression. Health, love, business middle. Lord Shani worship.

LibraChances of chest discomfort. Blood pressure can go up and down. Pay attention to maternal health. Land, building, vehicle purchase can be disrupted. Health, love, business middle three. Lord Shani worship. Keep the blue object with you.

ScorpioMany kinds of people will be able to cooperate with you. Focus on the health of siblings. The business situation is fine. Nose, ear, throat may be a problem. Medium of health and love. Donate the blue thing

SagittariusThere is a distressing situation in terms of money. Kutumbijan may have some problems due to some harmful factors. There is also the possibility of ophthalmology. The state of love is well underway. Donate blue.

NectarMany forms of restlessness, fear, and trouble remain in you. There will be negative energy transmission but there can be overly confident at times. The need to maintain synergy. Health is a medium of love. The business is almost fine. Ma Kali worship.

Kumbha heapVery bad times are called. There are six planets left in your tenth house. May be troubled by mind, body and finances. Even the state of love stays away. Pass very carefully. Worship Lord Ganesha. They give you mental reassurance.

FishThe financial situation is very strong. Suddenly there are some gains. Focus on health and focus on love. You and I avoid each other. Worship Lord Shiva.

Ajay Kumar Singh


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