How Drinking Black Coffee in the Morning Helps in Weight Loss

Coffee is a famous drink consumed worldwide. A coffee lover’s day is incomplete without their morning coffee. In fact, everybody needs a cup of coffee to kick-start their day. Apart from signaling your brain to wake up and energizing you, coffee offers numerous other benefits for your body. Weight loss is a widely discussed topic, as around half of the globe is currently aiming to lose weight. From green leafy vegetables to grapefruit, several foods have been found to be weight loss friendly. Luckily, coffee is included in the category, too. It is a low-calorie drink with less than 5 calories in coffee brewed from ground beans and zero calories in coffee brewed from decaffeinated beans. However, it is only advantageous for weight loss when consumed without any additional additives, such as sugar, milk, or cream. 

How Does Coffee Help in Weight Loss?

Coffee is rich in caffeine, a stimulant substance with a variety of benefits. A cup of coffee contains around 95 mg of caffeine, making it a highly caffeinated beverage. The caffeine content further contributes to many functions of the body, including fat burning. So, how do coffee and weight loss work?

It increases your metabolism

Caffeine is known for boosting the thermogenesis process inside your body, which generates heat from the food being digested. It leads to an increase in your metabolic rate, commonly known as Basal Metabolic Rate. BMR refers to the number of calories your body burns at rest, which makes it a crucial part of weight loss. As fat loss is the main goal of weight loss, a fast metabolism can assist in a quicker weight loss. Coffee sends signals to your cells to break down fat, which needs to be broken down before being eliminated from the body. As a result of coffee’s fat-burning properties, it is a major ingredient in most diet pills and weight loss supplements.

It suppresses your appetite

Science believes that weight loss is heavily dependent on diet, even more than exercise. Along with a healthy diet, a calorie deficit is key to weight loss. Caffeine can help to suppress appetite and prevent hunger pangs by controlling the hunger hormones. A cup of coffee in the morning will keep you satiated for hours, making you avoid cravings and binge eating. As it increases your focus and energy throughout the day, coffee can make your workouts more effective and easier. Therefore, it lowers your daily calorie intake and assists in burning calories through physical activities.

It decreases your water weight

Water weight, also called Edema, can increase around 2 to 4 pounds of your weight in a day. It can cause bloating and puffiness around multiple areas of the body. Coffee can help to shed water weight by increasing urination output. Frequently urinating can result in a temporary weight loss through losing water weight. Coffee can increase your daily liquid consumption, which will naturally increase urination. Dehydration can be a reason behind bloating too, but it can be prevented by drinking coffee. Black coffee contains water, which helps flush out excess water and sodium from the body. An average adult is advised to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. This number can be achieved by drinking plain black coffee in the morning.

How Much Coffee Should You Drink Everyday?

It is recommended to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day. While the experts at HealthCanal suggest drinking coffee for weight loss, it is important to drink it in a moderate amount. An excess of any food can be harmful, so you shouldn’t drink more than six cups of coffee each day.

Can Mixing Another Ingredient With Coffee Be Helpful?

Recently, a trend on TikTok claimed that mixing lemon with coffee could help to lose weight. It’s largely believed that lemon coffee is a sham and doesn’t guarantee weight loss. Lemon and coffee both have their own individual benefits. Squeezing lemon juice into your morning coffee will not enhance their benefits or provide any additional benefits. The trend got pretty famous, but it can’t be trusted since it isn’t scientifically proven. Lemon coffee has several downsides to it, mainly acidity and insomnia. Sugar, milk, cream, or added flavors can be added to coffee. Since they are unhealthy for weight loss, it is better to avoid them. They can increase your calorie intake and prevent weight loss.

What’s the Best Time to Drink Coffee?

Drinking coffee in the morning can help you to stay active and alert during your day-to-day activities. However, consuming caffeine before sleeping can lead to insomnia or trouble falling asleep. Therefore it is advised to avoid drinking coffee six hours before sleep. Research has proved that coffee can assist in weight loss but isn’t a shortcut to weight loss. It should be consumed with a healthy diet and regular exercise to see results.

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