How is the trouble shooter locked up for the CBI today?

Bangalore: On Friday morning, CBI officials shocked DK Brothers and attacked Anna-Taman’s house. So here’s the full details of how the CBI gave the CBI attack on the KPCC carrier’s house, the trouble shooter.

Criminal misappropriation and misappropriation of public funds are two of the main reasons for CBI officials to attack. The CBI has first examined the records of the Directorate of Enforcement (ED) and IT.

Money laundering tax fraud is not covered by the CBI investigation. Thus the former two ministerial portfolio for the CBI is the target. DK was accused of misappropriating public money while he was in the post of Rural Development Department and Power Minister. ALSO READ: Let’s take home bricks – Dikeshi’s mother Garam for CBI attack

ED & IT accounted for a total of Rs 60 crore in illicit transactions while in the Department of Energy. The Electricity Department has been accused of massive money laundering by the agency, and the Department of IT and IT has created supplementary evidence. It is said that the attack was based on it today. . ALSO READ: 50 lakh money siege at Dikeshi’s house?

The Minister of Rural Development was also accused of illegal land dealings. The state government had sought permission to investigate the cases. Earlier the Enforcement Directorate and IT Department had held an inquiry into the illegal asset acquisition case. Their home was attacked several times. Dikeshi Tihar had also gone to jail in that case. ALSO READ: Big shock shocked CBI on DKC’s first fire test


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