How Microsoft 98-388 Certification Exam Can Help You and Your Employer

Are you an app developer that works with Java SE 6 or are you a student dreaming of getting an entry-level position as a software developer? Then, taking the Microsoft 98-388 exam is what you need now. The exam also known as Introduction to Programming Using Java is what you need to gain fundamental knowledge and skill to code in Java. This programming language uses a compiled code that runs on different operating systems and is used in producing software for multiple platforms. In addition, it ranks second behind Certbolt Azure Administrator , so, it speaks volumes.

Along with developing fundamental skills and knowledge, passing the 98-388 exam brings you the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Java certification.

However, before embarking on a certification journey, you might want to answer a few questions. Is the trouble worth it? What’s in for you and your employer? 

In this article, you will find the answers to these questions.

  • Helps You Stand Out For New Opportunities

Since Microsoft is a reputable vendor, its certifications even the basic ones, are recognized and valued worldly. There is no doubt that having the Certbolt Azure Security Technologies from Microsoft will increase your chances to be noticeable to employers and be hired more quickly. 

  • Helps to Retain Job and Process Promotions

In a world where the economic and commercial system is very volatile, job security is what employees deserve and seek. With validated skills and knowledge in coding in Java, it’s easier to find a new job as a developer, get a promotion or secure your current position. So, taking the 98-388 exam is a real investment that will surely pay off at this point. 

  • Helps to Access Communities of Experts and Companies

Usually, when you pursue certification exam with Microsoft, you get access to a platform or community of professionals in the field. This way, you can network with people who can be resourceful in terms of knowledge, experience, and employment opportunities. This will help you greatly in your prep process for the Certbolt Azure Fundamentals or any other Microsoft exam.

  • Assists Partner Program Legibility

Some companies require to have a particular number of staff with certification under their belt to retain their license and/or increase the value of services provided. For such companies, passing the 98-388 exam by their employees is a way out. In addition, certified specialists are more effective at their Certbolt Azure DevOps . Thus, they need less time to compile and debug code than noncertified specialists, for instance.

  • Helps Organizations Get Returns 

Organizations that sponsor in their staff by paying for certification exams like Microsoft 98-388, definitely end up getting returns for their investment. The organization tends to stay afloat with trends and innovations, therefore, improving services. IT personnel who have acquired a series of certifications are equipped and ready for the challenges they might face. 


Passing the 98-388 exam and obtaining the Certbolt Windows 10 brings you and your employer a lot of advantages. Having validated skills to code in Java, you can build a successful career as a developer and have a good start. So, it’s high time to gain new knowledge, Certbolt , and assess new skills. Grab this opportunity now. Best of luck!

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