How to Get a Job in the Digital Era?

The world is moving faster and faster. The speed at which many sectors are evolving creates the need to retrain and embrace change. One of the areas most affected by this rapid transformation is the workplace. Jobs are increasingly demanding more specialized and qualified profiles.

Filling the jobs that arise as a result of technological evolution is one of the most important needs of businesses and also one of the desires of those who want to get a job or grow in their professional career. And since we can’t stay stuck in the past, in this post we show you how to get a job in the digital era.

Keys to getting a job in a digitized world

It is clear that today’s jobs have nothing to do with those of the past, at least as far as the ways of working are concerned. What used to require hours of dedication can now, thanks to technology, be done in just a few minutes. 

The worker of the digital era should have qualities that were not asked for before, related to analytical vision, digital marketing, Social Networks, etc. Times are changing and we have to adapt to it, how? Here is a list of things you can’t miss if you want to be prepared for the job search in the digital world.

Update your CV

Don’t be afraid to modify your CV every time you apply for a job. In fact, it will be much better if you do. By contacting the write my paper online service, you will get an updated and efficient CV.

Every time a job offer is created, the manager of that position is involved in its creation. This means that person describes the profile of the person he or she wants to hire. This is the most important clue of all, so pay attention to that description and modify your resume based on it. Don’t think of your resume as something that can’t be changed: customize it for the job you’re looking for.

Analytical thinking

Analytical thinking helps you reflect on what you are doing. A recruiter is not only going to look at what you know how to do but how you reflect on how you carry out certain actions and your analytical skills. This prevents mishaps from arising and helps you solve problems faster and more effectively.

Digital literacy

Digital literacy requires the candidate to have access to new technologies and to have basic skills to use ICT in their day-to-day work. It is very important to know the digital tools and working methods used by the profiles related to the job you are applying for. It is advisable to look at the job offers and make a list of the requirements they ask for and what digital skills they want for their position. 

On the other hand, digital training is another of the most important points to fit the profiles demanded by today’s companies. It is no longer necessary to attend classroom classes to learn. Digitalization also offers this opportunity.

Forget about CV

There are many opportunities to present yourself creatively. A single page is not going, to sum up, everything you are and what you can offer. Perhaps a video or an interactive photo album is for you.

Include what software you use

Companies are always interested in people with technology skills. Make a list of all the software you’re familiar with, even if it’s a program you learned in high school. You never know what will catch the recruiter’s eye.

Google yourself

Recruiters will Google you. Go ahead and find out what comes up about you on the Internet. If some strange images come up in the search, you know what to do. And remember that it is possible to make certain search results appear higher in the results list.

Tell other people

Your job search is not a secret mission that no one can participate in. Tell your friends and family that you’re looking for a job, let your Facebook friends know, or make a fun Instagram post about it.

Interact with companies that interest you

Of course, you should follow them on social media. Experience the company in any way possible, whether it’s in the digital world or in the physical world to get a perspective on that company and what they do. This way you can approach the company and learn more about them, you never know what they will ask you in the interview. 

Make proposals to the company

Most companies are in a transformation phase due to changing customer habits, new competitors, new business models, and, basically, digitization. This means that the type of people they need to hire is also changing. Find out what is missing in the company, what you can offer them, and what new skills they will need to succeed in their transformation.

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