How To Play Dark And Darker? How To Invite Friends In Dark And Darker?

How To Play Dark And Darker? How To Invite Friends In Dark And Darker? Many gamers are looking for How To Invite Friends In Dark And Darker and How To Play Dark And Darker. So in this article, we have added information about this matter. so keep reading our blog to know the solution and more.

How To Play Dark And Darker?

To play Dark and Darker with your friends, you can invite them to your game or join their game.

This can be done in the main menu. Press one of the + buttons to the left and right of your character, search for their name and then send them an invite.

Once your friend is in your lobby, they need to get ready, and then you can start the game.

One thing to note is that there is friendly fire, which means you can kill your teammates.

This is especially noticeable with wizards and the infamous fireball.

When playing with friends, be careful not to get in each other’s way if you’re playing melee, and avoid crossing a ranger’s or wizard’s line of fire. Clerics are a great class to play at a party, thanks to their healing spells.

How To Invite Friends In Dark And Darker?

Here are some steps To Invite Friends In Dark And Darker.

  • Start with launching the game
  • Choose a character class and ID for your character
  • Click on the Confirm button on the right side
  • Next, click on the ‘Enter the Lobby’ option.
  • Following this, you will see your character sitting on a chair with two ‘+’ signs on either side.
  • Select a server from the Select Server option shown on the map and tell your friends to select the same server.
  • Next, click on a ‘+’ sign and you will get a list of players.
  • Send an invite to your friend once you find him.
  • That’s it; Your friends will accept the invitation and join your team.

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