Hu Tao and her signature weapon, Staff of Homa, return to Genshin Impact

Hu Tao and her signature weapon, Staff of Homa, return to Genshin Impact. Here the details about the best weapon for hu tao, hu tao signature, is staff of homa worth it, hu tao signature dish, do weapon banners rerun, when is staff of homa coming back, hu tao rerun weapon banner

What weapon does Hu Tao use?

Staff of the best Hu Tao weapon Homam. This 5-star pole offers an ATK bonus of 0.8% based on Wheeler’s Max HP.

What’s the best weapon for Hu Tao?

The polearm is not only the best-in-slot weapon for the Hu Tao, but thanks to its Crit DMG sub-level it works wonderfully on any DPS unit.

Is Dragon’s Bane a good weapon for Hu Tao?

Dragon’s fan isn’t terrible in Hu Tao, but there are definitely options with better DPS capability. White tassel is good as an F2B weapon for Hu Tao, the grid rate is effective and would be inactive without C1. If you insist on using Dragons Pen, you should seek Hydro support, preferably Xingqiu.

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